How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees-Easiest Way

how to get rid of carpenter bees

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

A specie of bees that drills into woods to lay its eggs. Carpenter bees are bees with smooth shiny backs. It seems the Carpenter bee got its name from the unique activity of drilling into woods.

These bees have a voracious appetite and will readily attack almost all species of trees. They are capable of drilling several holes of few inches in depth over a short time.

The early spring is an ideal time for carpenter bees to carry out their activities. At this time of the year, a new cycle of life begins as both male and female bees’ pair and mate. The female bee then looks for and drills several cavities into a wood. Her eggs are then laid in these cavities while the male bee wards off intruders. Saw dust which is a by-product of the drilling activity is used by these insects to separate each holes from the other. These holes are also stuffed with pollen grain on which the larvae feed on till they grow into adults.

Carpenter bees are notorious for the damage their activities cause to wood members and logs. They are known to migrate to the same area they once used. This indicates that there is a need to put in place measures to prevent any further destruction on wood members by these bees.

Treating Carpenter Bees Holes

Treating Carpenter bee holes is not a difficult feat to achieve, the method of treatment depends on factors such as presence of bees in the wood log and the time of the year treatment is to be carried out. A contact spray could be sprayed into a hole you suspect contain a bee, the pesticide kills the bee if there is any alive in the hole. Next, you fill hole with wood putty to fill up the holes.

Another way to treat these bees is to ensure that drilled holes are cleared of any larvae eggs by inserting a flexible wire into the holes that could be used to pull out eggs. Second, a pesticide such as WD-40 may be sprayed into the holes effectively as it comes with a thin tube that can be attached to the spray in a way that makes it possible for the spray reach into the holes deeply.

Preventing Carpenter Bees

The best way to prevent Carpenter bees from attacking a wood is to paint it. These bees rarely attacks painted wood because it barely recognizes such as wood. A research conducted recently shows that carpenter bees did not bore through a gloss topcoat placed on a stain. Based on this study, it is assumed that a smooth, hard surface may not appeal these bees.

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Application of a pesticide products containing cypermethrin or deltamethrin on woods is another way of preventing carpenter bees from attacking them. Although carpenter bees may not be killed when they come in contact with this product, but it repels the bees from drilling into the woods.

A notable drawback for these products is that their efficacy spans between three to four weeks, so this implies that the pesticides need to be applied from time to time. Finally, it is advised that pesticides should be applied during spring and may be again in late fall at a time of increased bee activity. Precautionary measures must be ensured in the use of pesticides and in addition, a proper understanding of method of application is essential.

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