The Ultimate Secret Of How to Get Hair Dye Out of Carpet

How to get hair dye out of carpet


Getting hair dye out of carpet is one of the most difficult jobs you may ever encounter. Time, indeed, is of the essence. The longer you sit and ponder what to do, the drier the stain will get, and consequently, the more extreme the measures you’ll have to take to clean the carpet. If you are inexperienced at this, or if the carpet type is subject to ruin by the techniques and chemicals to be described in this post, you may want to consult a carpet professional and have them handle your case. Oriental rugs are an excellent example of the type of carpets that should be left to the professionals. So the object of this article will be to provide tips on how to get hair dye out of carpet.

Cleaning Regular Carpet Affected By Hair Dye

For this task you will need the following tools and chemicals: Water, dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, a number of clean white cloths–for color cloths may bleed onto the carpet, leaving your carpet in worse shape than the damage caused by the spill to begin with. You will also need rubbing alcohol and maybe ammonia.But do not use the ammonia unless you really need it.

If your stain is fresh, take the following steps, according to how to Clean

  • Use a white clean material or perhaps to bare up each of the dye you can. Blot it up as needed. Avoid rubbing, for it will further rub whatever stain is on the carpet in even more. Also, make sure the cloth or towel you use is white; otherwise, you run the risk of any color on the towel or cloth bleeding onto your carpet, making the latter state much worse than the former.
  • Use two cups of lukewarm water, with one tablespoon of dish liquid and another tablespoon of white vinegar. If the vinegar’s not available, you may be successful just using the dishwashing liquid and water.
  • Dip the clean cloth in the mixture you created in Step 2 and dab the stain. Keep dabbing until most of its gone. If that doesn’t help, see what more you can clean up alternating between using the wet and dry cloths.
  • If the stain is still not totally clean, try using rubbing alcohol; dab the troublesome spot until the stain is gone. Then rinse the area with cold water.
  • Rinse the area you just cleaned with cold water. This will get the suds from the dish soap out.

Follow these rules for how to get hair dye out of carpet if you have a more stubborn stain, one which will not respond to the steps presented above:

  • Pour two cups of warm water onto the stain.
  • Add one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon ammonia. Open the windows in the room whose carpet is being treated.
  • Wet the stain by dabbing it and let sit about a half-hour. Then dab a bit more of the same solution every five minutes with a new cloth. One caveat is in order here: For a wool carpet, you would not want to use this ammonia-containing solution. For ammonia is strong, and will only damage the fibers.
  • Continue to dip the cloth into the rubbing alcohol, and continue the dabbing action until the stain has disappeared. Then rinse with cold water. Once the stain is gone, use a cloth to soak up any remaining water or other liquid. Then vacuum the floor to revive the carpet fibers.

If you allow your hair dye stain to dry into your carpet for a lengthier period of time, the rules for how to get the hair dye out of carpet will change drastically. For this task, you will need hairspray, astringent, and shampoo. The How to Clean Stuff website recommends Alberto Vo5 hairspray, Sea Breeze Astringent, and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo brands.

Carefully proceed according to the following instructions:

  • Spray the Vo5 hairspray on the dried-on hair dye stain. Completely wet the area. Let the hairspray set on the spot about five minutes. A warning: You should always test the hairspray on a more neutral, less visible area of the carpet before starting this step, perhaps in another room. Otherwise it may ruin the carpet by bleaching it. Remember that once something is bleached, it may be too late to salvage it. This is not something you would want, especially if you’re a renter, as opposed to a homeowner. If you mess up the carpet too much, you run the risk of losing your security deposit and, instead, owing damages on your apartment at move-out.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Allow it to dry, then reexamine your carpet. If it’s stain-free, then you’re done.
  • If the hairspray has failed to remove the stain completely, then try the Sea Breeze astringent. Once again, this kind of astringent has a nasty habit of bleaching your carpet, so you must test an area of your carpet to see how the astringent will behave. If it doesn’t harm the carpet, proceed. Apply the astringent to the area. Totally spray the area to wet it. Let it soak five minutes, just as you did above with the Vo5 hairspray. Then rinse with cold water. Let it dry, then examine the affected area once again.
  • If the stain is not quite gone, use the shampoo. As the How to Clean Stuff website suggests, this is the ideal product to use if you remember the dye you put in your hair was water-soluble. Wet the area with water, and then apply two drops of the baby shampoo to it. Then gently rub it in. Dab the area with a clean white cloth, rinse it with cold water and repeat.

What if you’ve completed all these steps in this post, and you still see spots from your spill? It’s time to give some hydrogen peroxide a try. Take a cotton swab, place it in the peroxide, apply it to the stain and then sponge it with a dry, clean cloth. This action bleaches out all the color in the carpet. Then, using a felt-tip pen the same color as your overall carpet, color in the bleached area.

When to Consult a Professional

When it comes to antique rugs or those with any amount of silk in them, do not try to doctor on them yourself. Instead place them in the hands of a professional rug cleaner. There are many skilled people or companies around your neighborhood who can examine your carpeting and clean it for a reasonable cost. Perform an Internet search. Ask around and request references. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints or compliments. It’s also best to consult and pay a professional to do it for you if you are inexperienced doing this, or unsure if your carpet’s fabric is of a material not described in this post that might be ruined by any of the steps described therein. It’s far better to pay more money for a job well-done than have to pay your landlord for damages to the carpet at move-out, or have to buy a whole new carpet if you own your home, which can be–in a word, damaging–to your wallet.

Other Warnings

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the mere inhaling of ammonia can lead to death, if the damage to your lungs is extensive enough. Furthermore, if you have to employ ammonia, make sure you ventilate the area by opening a window. Also, pay attention to certain signs and symptoms that your lungs and heart may have been affected. Watch for rapid heartbeat, persistent cough, chest pain, tightness in your chest, difficulty getting your breath, rapid breathing, or wheezing, according to the Medline Plus website. Go anywhere you can be exposed to fresh air–get prompt medical attention. People have died from merely inhaling ammonia fumes.

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