How To Exfoliate Lips Just Like Hollywood Stars

how to exfoliate lips


Lips exfoliation is one of the best approaches to destroy contaminations, for example, dead, flaky, dry, or chapped skin from the lips. Exfoliation reduces the darkness of your lips. Exfoliation gives you soft and plain lips and there are a number of ways you can exfoliate your lips. You can exfoliate your lips naturally, use exfoliation products or use both methods.

However, natural method is the best way to exfoliate your lips because they do not contain harmful ingredients like toxins, chemicals, or any other artificial ingredients. Natural methods exfoliate the lips in the best possible method removing the extra burden on the lips. With this method, your lips turn out to be new, soft and look like that of a baby. Here are some ways to exfoliate your lips naturally;

Use of Baking Soda and Water:

EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPSYour lips can be exfoliated with baking soda. It is the perfect home solution to get rid of ordure on your lips so your lip can look sharp and clean like that of a baby. Take some baking powder on your palm, add some water and mix them together. Place the mixture on a washcloth or toothbrush and clean your lips with it for 3 minutes. Thereafter, clean your lips with lukewarm water. Remember to apply your favorite lip balm since these scrubs will not hydrate or moisturize your lips.

Use of Sugar and Honey:

Mix some honey with some sugar in a small bowl. Explore different amount until the mixture is consistently pasty. With a cloth, softly apply the mixture on your lips in a circular movement. The more you rub the mixture, the more you exfoliate your lips. Cleanse the mixture with some warm water, cupping your hands. Since the ingredients are not toxic, swallowing some of it is not dangerous. But don’t forget to rehydrate the delicate skin by applying your favorite lip balm to complete the process. After the whole step, your lips should be silky and soft. Doing this exfoliation every day at nights will brighten your lips.

Use of Petroleum Jelly and Tooth Brush:

This system of lips exfoliation is also a very effective way to get rid of every burden from the upper are of your lips. With an old straight soft and bristle toothbrush, apply a dosage of petroleum jelly on your lips. Keep rubbing your lips with the toothbrush for about 4 minutes in a circular movement. Thereafter, rinse your lips with tepid water and there will not be any more trash on your lips. Simply leave a touch of petroleum jelly on the lips to hydrate and saturate your lips.


This mix of exfoliation for the lips is a secretive beauty tip of some celebrities. You can also make use of this lips exfoliation method. Rose water leaves a pink tint on your lips as well as soothing them. Mix glycerin and rose water together; with your fingertips, pat your lips with the mixture for about 3 minutes; wash your lips with crisp water. You can also leave this mixture on your lips for the whole night. This makes your lips plump and more beautiful.

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