How to Crate Train A Puppy with Less Time and Effort

Dogs are awesome, and they love to live with their owner through thick and thin. The term how to crate train a puppy is getting famous nowadays because people want their dogs to be in the crate for sleep and rest. Although a crate is a safe and secure place for a puppy to live in, yet dogs are mostly reluctant and unwilling to enter into it. Every owner likes its dog to enter into the crate simply by command.

Don’t you think that you are expecting a bit more from your little puppy? Your puppy will enter into the crate at your command, but this won’t happen overnight. You will need to follow a step by step approach to getting success in training your puppy.

What Are The Benefits Of Crate Training?

There are many advantages of crate training a puppy, and that is the reason people are asking how to crate train a puppy within a few weeks. Dogs are also tired, and they need a place for rest and sleep. A crate is supposed to be a nice place for all such relaxing activities.

You will be calm if the puppy is in the crate and taking rest. You can also enjoy traveling from one place to another with a crate of dog. In this way, you will not have to take care of puppy every minute in the car.

How to Crate Train A Puppy

One most important benefit of crate training a puppy is that your household will be completely safe from the evil side of a dog. He will not be able to tear your furniture, soil on the floor, eat things in the kitchen, etc. There are many other positive sides of a crate that you will experience after crate training a puppy.

Training your puppy at home will not cost anything except you will need to get a new crate for him. The rest of the training can be conducted without any professional help. All you need is to understand your pet’s behavior and stay calm during the complete training. It also provides the pet a limited access to the rest of the house. Crate works well when it comes to travel the puppy from once spot to another.

Turn Crate Training into a Pleasurable Experience

Some of the people might think that crate training a puppy is a very difficult task because puppies don’t understand spoken words initially. However, this process can be converted into an enjoyable experience. To make it possible, you need to make sure that your pet feels easy throughout the whole training process. Do not make him feel tired or uncomfortable.

Try to create facilities and amusing environment inside the crate so that the puppy wishes to get into the crate for a better sleep or nap.

Always keep in mind that a puppy can be frightened if left alone or locked up. Do not let this happen when the puppy goes inside the crate for the first time. If you would lock up the crate after the puppy enters into it, then he will not go inside on the second attempt.

Your behavior should be very calm and understanding, not forcing the pet to do anything. You can play with your puppy by entering the face or hand inside the crate. It will also make the pet feel at home and not strange at all. A person should imagine the crate as a little cave where you beloved puppy can feel great 24/7. If you asked many people about how to crate train a puppy, then this information is very helpful.

You are advised to spread a blanket or soft cloth inside the crate so that puppy can sit on it comfortably. Also, try to put your pet’s favorite toys and dry eatables inside. These will help the puppy to enjoy even inside the crate.

Putting your puppy gives him a delightful feeling, no matter if he is inside the crate. Do not put the crate far away from you because this would frighten the young dog. Place it beside your bed or sleep area and try to see it time and again during the first few training sessions.

Crate in your Puppy’s view

A crate could be just a cage in your sight, but it is totally different when you see from a dog’s perspective. This crate to him is:

  • A completely haven
  • A private apartment with a nice view
  • A quiet place to sleep and take rest

Naturally, dogs and other pets need a safe place where they can hide at the time of danger. A crate provides a lovely protected area where the pet can enjoy his leisure.

When to start the Crate Training

A few people might think that crate training should start right away when you own a puppy. This is not productive thinking at all. Let your pet settle in the home and get familiar with things around. Start crate training a few weeks after your puppy enters home.

The entire family must know that crate should never be used for the punishment purposes. Puppies that are under six months should never be left alone in the crate for more than 3 hours. Leaving him alone will make him think negative about the crate that is not your preference. Anyhow, you can leave puppy inside the crate when gets older.

Puppy’s Food and Exercise

Always provide your dog proper food and take him out for exercise and running.Lying on the crate for longer periods put most dogs to boredom. There are different kinds of crates available nowadays, and you can select one according to the size and requirements of puppy.

You can also get crates to fit in a specific area of your home. Make sure the crate is big enough for your pet to turn around, stand up and lie down.

The process of crate training a puppy can be completed within a few weeks if you adopt all the safety measures that are required for a successful training.

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