The life of a photographer can seem like a glamorous one, you and your camera visiting beautiful locations, doing what you enjoy most– taking pictures. This is very true, it can also be a very lucrative career choice. This is because professional photography is in demand for many different things, by many different people and businesses. Weddings however, are quite popular and very in demand.

A couple’s wedding day is said to be one of the most important days of their life. Not only that it is the one day that everyone wants to look their best, and capture that moment forever.

As a couple ages it will be of sentimental to them to be able to relive the day, not just mentally but physically, by looking back at their professional photos. Given these facts a demand for a professional wedding photography services will always be in demand, if couples continue to say, “I do.”

A lot of planning goes into creating a special day that a couple can remember. As the photographer, it will be your job to ensure that this is recreated in the professional pictures that you take.

What Skills Are Needed?

  • A keen eye for detail with the ability to capture the special moments of the day, at the right time.
  • Customer service and people skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • To be a self- starter.
  • A professional camera and equipment.
  • Business acumen.

How Much Do Photographers Earn?

As a photographer providing wedding services, you will set your own rates. You will need to keep in mind all your costs as well. This will eat into your profits. You could also offer packages for your clients, to help build on your sales. Take into consideration things like distance and travel or overnight stays also, when considering if you should take on a job and how much your fee should be.Wedding Photographers Earn

  • Top photographers can earn anything from £1,600 for a full day’s service, which is roughly $2,200. Often a fee in this range will include highly polished digital pictures, using the very best in the latest camera and photo taking technology.• You could also change an hourly rate.
  • A flat rate could be charged per picture bought, based on their size. Anything from £45.00 per picture which is roughly $60.00 upwards.

Other things to keep in mind when it comes to pricing, is how your clients which to receive their photos? If they would like them on a USB for example, which will reduce costs for you as well as time. Therefore, your fee could be reduced. On the other hand, if they would like their pictures sent to the post with a professional looking binder or wedding album, costs will be increased and for you and your fee can increased to reflect this.

The earning potential for professional photographers offering wedding services is unlimited, this is largely because the photographer will set their own fees, keeping in mind the variable issue that will impact on fees mentioned above.

The key to success is to keep a constant flow of customers. Wedding season will be a peak time. The season kicks off in the spring time, and continues throughout the summer months. This will be the ideal time to ensure that you’re available, and clients know where and how to contact you.Wedding Photography

How do I find Clients?

Here are a few tips to help you to attract customers:

  • Set up a social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, and a blog space. Post on social media about your services. Use keywords that will attract customers seeking wedding services.
  • Have business cards made, leave them in places that may attract customers, such as hair salons and nail bars.
  • Talk to people, spread the word you never know who needs your service.
  • Adverts in local papers or wedding focused magazines could also bring clients your way.
  • Find a wedding event, often as the season kicks off there are many wedding events. Wedding focused or planning magazines will have details of events.

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