Secrets To Know How Much Does a Helicopter Cost

How Much Does a Helicopter Cost

Flying: How Much Does a Helicopter Cost?

Obviously, you are reading this piece because you want to know how much does a Helicopter cost. If you are looking to own a Helicopter and acquire license to pilot it, you need to be aware of the cost. But, there are different kinds of Helicopters and the cost differs. We will look into how much it will cost you to own a helicopter in this piece.

To determine the cost of a Helicopter, you first need to find out if the Helicopter is 2-seater or it is multi-passenger type. These two types have varied costs. In addition, there are different models of Helicopter from different manufactures and they come with various prices.

One of the most popular Helicopter brands at present is the Robinson Helicopter. Before now, Bell made more popular helicopters than any other company specializing in manufacturing Helicopters. But, this was principally on the strength of the B206 JetRanger Helicopter. Today, Robinson helicopters are preferred by many buyers because it cost less to buy and run. This does not mean the quality is less. Robinson Helicopters are known to be of good quality and more economical than others.

How_much_does_a_helicopter_cost_to_hireSo, how much does a Helicopter cost? For Robinson R-22, it costs about $300 000 for a brand new Helicopter. It is a 2-seater Helicopter and it cost less to run. That explains why it is often used as a training Helicopter. Another is Bell B206 JetRanger. It is a 5-seater Helicopter. Bell B206 is very popular Helicopter in the Military, but it cost a bit high, roughly around $800,000. This is because of it features, some of which are not found with Robinson Helicopters. We also have Robinson R44 Raven, which is another popular brand of Helicopter and cost about $450, 000. These are the popular helicopters that are in use today.

How much does a helicopter cost to run?

The cost to run a helicopter depends on the type and model you have and the number of hours of utilization. For example, the operating cost for 206B JetRanger is around $350 to $400 per hour. But, the indirect operating costs could be more than factory estimates. For Robinson Helicopters, operating cost is around $200 – $300 per flight hour depending on the type. Robinson operating cost is lower than that of Bell. And as we observed above, it is one reason why Robinson is more preferred.

How much does a helicopter cost to hire?

How much it will cost you to hire a Helicopter will depend on the type and model you are hiring. The current rate to hire a Bell 206B is about $800 per hour. For all of Robinson Helicopter, the rate is between $300 and $500 per an hour. If you are going to hire a Helicopter with many seats, you will likely pay more.

So far, we have been able to answer the question: how much does a helicopter cost? If you are looking to buy a Helicopter, you may need to do a little research for the best Helicopter for your needs.

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