Factors affecting the earnings of a vet tech

how much do vet techs make

If you are thinking of becoming a veterinary technician, then you must be concerned about the job type and salary that you will get. Though usually employed in the private clinics, the veterinary technicians can also get job in the research programs as well as animal facilities. They can work full time, over weekends, in holidays or overnight depending on their choice. Even the experienced vet technicians prefer to open their own clinic after getting license.

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However, if you are concerned that how much do vet techs make, then let us tell you that it depends on various factors, which include their job responsibilities and the location at which they are working. Here we are going to tell you the factors that affect the earning of vet techs.

  • Education

Just like all other professions, the salary of veterinary technicians depends on the education. For an instance, a vet tech having an associate degree will earn less than the one having bachelor degree. So, if you are thinking of becoming a veterinary tech then you must consider having higher degree.

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  • Experience

Experience matters a lot in every profession and same is the trend with vet tech. A newly pass-out veterinary technician will probably earn lower salary than that of experienced one. More is the experience; more will be the salary of a vet tech.

  • Participation in the intern or externships

Though internships and externships are the part of education, but there are the internships that you can attend to have experience. These internships are not going to pay you in the long run, but they are definitely going to make your resume better. As these intern and externship programs are going to add to your experience, they will make your resume better and thus, will let you get good job. Not only that, these programs will also let you have an upper hand while negotiating your salary.

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  • Specialty

Specialty is also an important factor which will decide that how much does a vet tech makes. It depends on your choice that whether you choose to get specialization in the particular area of veterinary technology or are just getting a general degree. But in the case you are having specialization in any area, the chances of your employment will be more and the salary will also vary accordingly. Getting specialty in the most popular area (like surgery, dentistry, behavior, emergency and critical care and more) will let you make more money.

  • Location

Location plays a vital role in deciding that how much do vets make a year. For an instance, the vet techs employed in the rural area usually have lower salaries than that of employed in the urban area.  Thus, the location and cost of living really makes an important impact on your salary.

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  • Facilities provided

The earnings of a vet technician also depend on the type of facilities that he is providing. For an instance, the earning will be different in case you own a small clinic or an animal hospital with wild life parks and exotic marine.

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