The Untold Secret To Know How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make

Have you ever wondered if Uber is a viable source of income and pondered on how much Uber drivers make every month? Uber is a global crowdsourced transport system that connects people who need fast rides to their destination with people who have the means to provide the services. These people are called Uber drivers, and they are people who come from all walks of life and have decided to earn some money through this innovative opportunity. After talking with some Uber Drivers we found they are generally make $100-$200 per day after expenses, so $3000-$6000 per month,As their payment system is weekly basis,Uber Drivers make $800 to $1400.

Who are Uber drivers?

An Uber driver could be anyone. For example, it could be a person who has been unemployed and is looking for a way to earn an income, or even people who are holding a full-time job and looking for ways to supplement their main income. Both men and women are encouraged to join as a driver as long as they can drive legally, have access to a registered car and have some familiarity with the roads.

How does Uber work?

The main platform on which Uber works on is the mobile platform. There are downloadable applications for both the rider and the driver, which are available for both iOS and Android phones. When a rider requests a ride, the nearest driver will be matched up to them, and notified on the location to pick up the rider who agrees on the proposed Uber rate. After the driver has sent the rider to his destination, there is a rating system done by both the rider and the driver. Drivers must work to maintain a certain level of their rating, to ensure that they will be given more rides and also to be able to continue driving for Uber.

How do they get paid?

Uber gives payments to drivers on a per trip basis, so drivers will earn for each and every ride they embark on. In most countries, most Uber drivers must set up a sole proprietorship or contractor accounts to be able to receive payments. The Uber driver salary is generally given out on a weekly basis and directly deposited into the driver’s bank account.

What criteria do Uber drivers have to meet?

Being an Uber driver does not require much criteria, although this might be changing in the near future due to industry reactions. It is necessary however, to have a valid driving license to even consider being an Uber driver.

  • No adverse criminal record
  • Has access to a registered car
  • Has a spare mobile phone (optional)
  • Is a citizen within the country of application
  • Has some driving experience
  • Does not suffer from any debilitating chronic or mental health conditions

Criteria, terms and conditions differ within countries and it is recommended for those interested to contact their local Uber office for more information.

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How can you register to be an Uber driver?

Registering to be an Uber driver requires an in-person application at one of the local Uber offices. Contact them for information on the documents that you need to bring for application and make your way down to complete the application with the help of the customer service representatives.

It is easy to start being an Uber driver and earn a salary from driving others. Start today!

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