How Many Sides Does an Octagon Have? Octagon in Many Aspects

How many sides does an octagon have? Octagon in Many Aspects

Octagon is one of the geometry things that people learn in Math, but it could also be found in any type of aspects in life, like the sports, architects and still many more. As you might have already known, the octagon has some same sizes of sides, the same angles and of course it has its own styles or shape. That is why, people like to use this kind of style on some sorts of things such as building.

How many sides does an octagon have?

To answer this kind of question of course we are also going to need to learn about the type of shapes, the angles and the area of octagon as well. But, we will learn it later on. In this case, to answer the question we can simply draw the octagon and answer. Or it could also be answered by analyzing the name. Oct- in Greek language means eight, so the answer to the question about the total sides for an octagon must be eight.

How many sides does an octagon haveAs you might have seen in somewhere around you there are many things that we can learn about the octagon, here are some of them:

Octagon Shape

When we are learning about its shape, of course we also learn about octagon shape. As you might have read at the previous part about the total sides that an octagon has is eight sides. Now you can figure out about the kind of octagon shape. The shape must be the kind of line that can be seen when the eight sides connected to each other in order to build a kind of circle. The larger of the shape of the octagon depends on the kind of size of the sides the larger the sides the larger the shape of the octagon as well.

Octagon House

In this modern era, there are many people who like to combine things into one, for example combining the kind of octagon shape and make it into one interesting building for example the kind of octagon house. The kind of sample of this house must be varied and you must have seen it from somewhere. Since we all know, there are many architects in the whole world and octagon also happen to be one of the very interesting shapes so that means you can find the same kinds of octagon house style from the different architects that are from the different countries in the whole world. So, if you happen to be interested in this style, then you might like to ask your architect to build one for you.

Octagon Angles

As each sides of the octagon are connected to one another, of course, there are some angles that you are going to see there. It is called as the octagon angles. When we are talking about angles of course you will notice that octagon has eight angles as well. It does not matter how large the octagon shapes or the octagon itself, still the kind of angles must be the same from one to the others. The total summary of all angles of the octagon is 1080 degrees, which means each angle must be about 135 degrees.

Regular Octagon

The next thing that you might like to know about the kind of octagon is the regular octagon. As we have already learned about the sides and the angles of the octagon so the regular octagon has the kind of equal sides and also the internal angles which has the total degrees of 1080 and each of them must have about 135 degrees.

Area of Octagon

First of all, you might like to know the definition of it. What is it? Area of octagon is the kind of amount of the space that is occupied by an octagon. If you are curious to find out about how large the area of octagon then of course you will find some kinds of formula that will guide you find the right measurement. However, in order to find the amount of course you are going to count and they must be related or connected to the kind of sides and angle as well.

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In conclusion, octagon is one of the geometry lessons that we learn on the math subject, but it could also be applied in the reality. Especially for those who works as the architectures. They must have use this kind of shape in order to build such amazing building, house, Crane siding or any type of building. In order to have such amazing result of course, it should be counted perfectly in every single detail to have such amazing building with the right measurement. That is why you need to be more detail when it comes to the shapes of the octagon, the sides of the octagon, the angles of the octagon, the regular octagon including the kind of areas of the octagon.

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