How Long Does it Take For Nail Polish to Dry on Acrylic Nails

How Long Does it Take For Nail Polish to Dry

Many times you may want to paint your nails or get a manicure and you think, “how long does it take the nail polish to dry?” Without knowing the answer, or at least a great estimate, you may decide to forgo painting your nails or the manicure to save time. Depending on the type of polish and drying method you use, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Keep reading to learn what is the best time saving way to dry your polish so you never have to forgo a little pampering for time again.

Nail Polish Dryers

If you have ever been to a salon, you have used a nail polish dryer to dry your nails, at least enough to be able to gently use your hands. Depending on the type of nail polish you use, whether it be gel polish or standard polish, and whether you go with a light or dark color, you may have to sit under the dryer a bit longer. Typically, the process should take between 5 to 15 minutes. The lighter the color, the more likely it is to only take about 5 minutes. However, if you truly want to make sure you have dry nails, even once you are finished under the dryer, allow your nails a full 3 minutes to completely dry. In other words, avoid strenuous activities with your hands for at least thirty minutes to help ensure you will not receive any blemishes.

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Quick Dry Nail Polish

Many people opt instead for quick dry nail polish. You can purchase nail varnish sets of quick dry varnishes to help ensure you always have a plethora of colors to choose from and never have to wear the same color twice. Quick dry nail polish typically dries superficially in about thirty seconds to one minute. However, if you want to ensure a more thorough dry, it is best to wait five to ten minutes. Obviously, quick dry nail polish is better than a nail polish dryer if you are constantly on the run. However, you may find slower dry nail polish sets are better if you want the polish to last and not chip quickly.

Other DIY Drying Options

Sometimes, there are DIY methods that actually work very well with nail drying. It has been suggested, for example, to soak your nails in cold water to help the polish dry faster. In the same vein, it has been suggested that sticking your hands in the freezer will help your nails dry quickly. Another technique would be to use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to emulate a nail dryer. Another home option is to spray your nails with either cooking spray or an air duster. Most of these options include applying extreme heat or cold to help the paint dry quickly and smoothly without leaving any blemishes.

Nail Polish Tips

No matter which drying method you utilize, the importance lies with the finished look. Whether you have your nails professionally painted or do it yourself, you want the finished product to look clean and eye catching. Take your time with the process. Nail polish is meant to appear smooth, not chunky or streaky. Make sure you have excellent lighting and a clear, flat surface to paint your nails.

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This way, you can see what you are doing, catch any mistake immediately, and fix them, and avoid interference which may cause you to paint your finger instead of your nail. Also, in the interest of saving time without rushing through the process, use a thinner coat on your nails if you are painting them at home. This will not only allow for a faster drying process, but will allow for less chance of blemishes as the polish is closer to the nail. Finally, remember to keep your hands unoccupied until the nails are dry. One of the worst things about taking the time to properly paint your nails is when you get a blemish immediately thereafter.

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