Want to Know How Long Does it Take for Eyebrows to Grow Back? Here are Top 5 Ways!!

how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back

Have you been lately asking your friends that “how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back”?

Well, you’re not only person with this type question. There are thousands out there who accidently shave, pluck or thread their eyebrows and look for ways to regrow eyebrows. Even people having thin brows fish for fuller eyebrow growth and lots of people with no eyebrows.

But, before you flip through different ways for eyebrow regrowth, it’s important to know the time brows take to regrow. It is:

  • 56 days for pre-pubescent youngsters
  • 58 days for mature adults,

the longest period being 65 days for pubescent kids and 73 days for adults in retirement age.

For all those who often ask, “Do eyebrows grow back”, here I bring top 5 ways to regrow eyebrows or improve the existing eyebrow growth.

Try eyebrow growth serums

It goes without saying but eyebrow growth serums can certainly help you flaunt healthier and fuller-looking brows.

From RapidLask Eyebrow Enhancing Serum to BBROWBAR Nourishing Brow Oil, there are quite many eyebrow growth serums that are chock full of botanicals and vitamins needed for bushier, thicker brows.

Apply Castor Oil

Talk of eyebrow regrowth and castor oil doesn’t get listed…Impossible!!

With phenomenal chemical composition, castor oil is the best way to regrow eyebrows naturally.

All you need to do is massage your brows daily with castor oil for two-three minutes and wash them thoroughly with water and face-wash after half an hour.

Doing this once a day will definitely give you positive results and you can soon have youthful looking brows, without any breakage.

Exfoliate it

EXFOLIATION is one such technique that will certainly stop you from asking: Do eyebrows grow back.

Properly exfoliating the brow area stimulates the skin leading to improved hair growth. While a soft facial brush can be used to strip off the dead skin cells in the region, an exfoliating scrub gives you much better results.

Whatever be the product, apply it in circular motion gently as rubbing it too hard will peeve your skin. It may even result in further hair lose.

Get Right Nutrition

There is no substitute to proper diet and there will never be any substitute to a proper diet. So, if you wish to achieve fuller, longer and deeper eyebrows, the only way you can do it is by taking lots of minerals and vitamins.

The right nutrition will not only promote eyebrow growth but will also keep your hair healthy for long.

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So, have food stuffed with plenty of iron, protein, zinc, Omega 3 and Vitamin B and say ‘goodbye’ to thin and sparsely growing hair.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Stress and insufficient night sleep are the major factors of declining well being nowadays and eyebrows are no exception.

Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.

Don’t forget to add some exercises in your daily routine. Not only will it relieve you from stress but will also help you get a peaceful sleep during night.

Soon, you’ll see your brows getting fuller and heavier.

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