How Do You Get Ringworm – Get Your Answers


What is Ringworm or Dermatophytosis?

Ringworm is also known as dermatophytosis and termed as a fungal infection rising in the skin. The medical name dermatophytosis is not very common among the general public because they know the disease mostly from the name ringworm.We have previously discuss about what is ringworm, It is necessary to know that ringworm is a contradiction, and any worm never causes the infection. On the other hand, it results by a fungus.

How do you get ringworm on your particular body part?


This is a common question that patients of this disease might have heard a lot of times. There is a common myth that ringworm is only found in humans that are not true.

It can affect both; animals as well as humans. In the beginning, the infection starts to appear with red patches just on the infected spots of skin and later spreads to several other parts of the victim’s body.

It should not be perceived that this particular fungal infection can also hit areas of soft skin.

It is strongly advised that the affected person should nottake it lightly as the dangerous disease can affect the skin of groin, scalp, feet, beard and another area.

What are the causes/reasons of Ringworm or Dermatophytosis?

There are three kinds of fungal infections that can bring this sort of infection up. These are called epi dermo phyton, Trichophyton, and Microsporum. There is a probability that all of these fungi could live for a longer period just as spores in soil. Both animals and humans may come in contact with this soil and result in ringworm patients.

You will be amazed to know that the infection is most commonly spread among young children because they do not have a sense of abstaining from impurities. The infection can also spread via sharing items with one another.

Who can be affected by Ringworm or Dermatophytosis?

This infection can develop in anyone without any hesitation. It has been observed that the ringworm is very common among folks that own different types of pets. People who interact with fungi while they are wet can also get some skin abrasions or injuries.

Spending some time under public pools or shower area can also put healthy people under risk of ringworm. This all happens due to fungi that may exist around such areas. People who often remain barefoot can also get dermatophytosis of feet. Household or personal care items like unwashed clothing and hair brushes can also bring this infection when shared among infected people.

So if you wish to avoid having this particular disease, then you must refrain sharing such items especially when you see the other person having this sort of skin disease. The list of things to avoid is not limited to the precautions mentioned above, but there is a lot more to take care to escape from the potential harm.

You might have seen people running on the jogging track or exercising in the park with red spots on their different body parts. You also need to take care of yourself while running or doing a workout with the infectious people. Some of you might think that the act of staying away from the diseased person may hurt someone. However, one should let the infective person know the risk of getting an infection from him if the carelessness is adopted.

Identifying Ringworm

Symptoms of getting the ringworm disease may vary from person to person. However, a person with the infected skin may experience the following situations:

  • Raised and defined patches with edges
  • Patches that grows with blisters or start to ooze
  • Scaly, red, itchy or raised patches
  • Patches that resemble ring and can be redder on the outside

If any of you is experiencing this specific disease in nails, then there is the probability that they become thicker, begin to crack or become discolored. If the same thing starts to begin on the scalp, then you might see bald patches developing on your head.

How to diagnose Ringworm?

Skin specialists or the concerned doctor is responsible for diagnosing the ringworm disease by examining your skin type. In common practice, doctors use a black light to see the infected area of the skin and this method is pretty useful. You might be thinking how a black light can deliver effective results in diagnosing the disease. Well, this particular black light makes the infected area glowing, and that’s how the to diagnose process becomes successful.

Your doctor may request some certain sorts of tests to confirm the nature of ringworm.

• If you are receiving a skin surgery, your physician is supposed to take a sample of your skin and will take it to the lab to test it to check the existence of fungus.
• Similarly, if you have a KOH examination , then your doctor will fix off the little-infected area and place it in the KOH (potassium hydroxide). This particular substance does not touch the fungal cells and destroys normal cells. So now they can be easily seen under any microscope.

How to Treat Ringworm

Different skin doctors or dermatologists may recommend various types of medications together with a few lifestyle changes to get rid of ringworm. Given below is the necessary information that can help a victim of ringworm disease recover speedily.


Despite the fact that over-the-counter prescription medicines, your physician may also suggest that you take care of certain things including the infected area of skin. Following some of the below-mentioned behaviors can help treat the disease in well manner:

  • Drying and cleaning your skin on a regular basis
  • Abstaining clothing that particularly irritates your body’s infected area
  • Washing clothes and bedding on daily basis while you have the infection

If you do not want to get a strep or staph infection of the skin, then avoid scratching and stretching your skin frequently. Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics to cure this irritating bacterial infection. Following all these precautions and prescriptions is very important if someone wants to get rid of the disease quickly.

After reading this entire piece of writing, you should be able to answer when anyone ask you that how do you get ringworm and what are its causes.

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