How to Win Hill Climb Racing by Using Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle

hill climb racing best vehicle

The best way to get rid of boredom is to play your favorite game. No matter if you are at your workplace and fed up from the hectic schedule and need a break or you are at your college and need to relax your mind, the best way out is to take out your cell and play the game. Researchers have said that the best way to relax your mind is to play the game that is visually appealing.

Hill climb racing challenges

There are many games but the only game so far that has the striking features is hill climb racing. The game has many levels and it gets tougher as the level gets higher and higher. This game can be as easy as a piece of cake and as hard that you can get stuck on one level for weeks. The best strategy to win the game is by choosing hill climb racing best vehicle. Every level has different challenges to offer so for every level you need to earn as many coins as you can so that you can upgrade your vehicle according to the hardships.

The game though looks simple but it is not. The first few levels are easy and the locations are easy as well. The game is all about reaching the finish line and on the way collecting the fuel tanks and coins are mandatory. The hills are a real challenge in this game. There comes a point when a hill gets too steep or it gets too rough. So the best way to tackle with such situation is to choose the hill climb racing best vehicle. Here is the list that will help you in choosing the vehicle.

Types of vehicle

  • Jeep

This vehicle is fine for the first few stages where the hills are in your favor but as soon as the level gets high you should swap this vehicle.

  • Monster truck

When you have gathered ten thousand coins then you should buy this monster truck. The big tires help to get through the bumpy hills easily. It is best for collecting coins and fuel tanks.

  • Race car

This vehicle can be bought if you have above 250,000 coins in your account. It is light in weight so it is good for air jumps but the drawback is that it cannot be upgraded much.

  • Bike

It offers easy drive and it is good for bumpy hills and collecting the fuel tanks and coins. It is the best vehicle for catching air but it gets hard to control it on the bumpy hills. It can back flip easily so it can wreck in a blink of an eye.

  • Super diesel

Save coins and buy this 4*4 vehicle. This vehicle can be used on the high levels like moon stage and you can earn so many coins. So far it is the hill climb racing best vehicle but it is quite expensive. So firstly, you have to earn a lot of coins to buy this super cool vehicle.

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