Everyone one of us have faced the problem of the mobile network not available on our phones, no matter which mobile you use either window mobile or IOS or an android phone. Network error is a common error that arises due to different reasons. Although this error is common but needs to be fixed on the spot because no important messages and calls can reach you until the network problem is fixed.

Following are the different techniques that can help you in tackling the problem of error “mobile network not available”

Technique 1

  • Open the main menu
  • Select setting icon
  • Then mobile network and network option
  • In network chose select option

Technique 2

Batteries are an important part of mobile, any damage to battery due to heat or anything else can lead toward no network problem.  Changing the battery of your handset can help you in dealing with the problem of the mobile network not available.

Technique 3

Sometimes there is a problem in radio signals that they are not broadcast properly. Fix the radio signals as:

  • In dialer dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • A window will appear chose the option device information
  • A drop down list will appear, select auto GSM
  • Off the radio and restart you device

This will help resolve the mobile network not available problem if it is because of radio signals.

Technique 4 A:

If the above mention three techniques failed to eliminate mobile network not available problem then the problem may be because of firmware. Update your firmware by following below listed steps:

  • Open main menu then selects setting
  • Go to the option about device and then software update
  • Click ok and update the software

Technique 4B:

  • Open menu and then setting
  • Select factory reset option and then ok.

Alternatively, just

  • Switch off your mobile
  • Press power volume up and home button together and hold for some seconds
  • Release all buttons and  then press volume down key
  • Factory reset option will appear
  • Press ok and wait for the mobile to restart

Technique 5:

It is the last technique of fixing the mobile network not available error; if the above five do not work then this last technique will definitely resolve the issue of signals. Sometimes the signal issue arises due to the problem in finding the network. This can be tackled by:

  • Press power key to turn off your mobile
  • Remove the battery of your handset
  • Take out mobile sim and then insert it carefully
  • Insert battery and then turn on the mobile
  • Do not insert back cover until the signals appear
  • If the signals still do not appear them there might be a problem in your, change your mobile sim and them insert the battery and turn on the mobile phone.

These effective techniques will definitely solve the signals issue.

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