Five Reasons why you should choose being a Wildlife Veterinarian as your Career

Wildlife Veterinarian

Are you someone who loves animals? Ever thought of a profession that keeps you all the time active and close to the Wildlife? Here is something that you should choose.

Being a Wildlife Veterinarian always keeps you connected to the Wild life and the rich fauna of your land. It makes you feel life is more purposeful and active than any other day-to-day profession. So the following are the five reasons that say why one should choose Wildlife Veterinarian as their Career.

  1. Into the Wild!

As a person passionate about animals, you will be able always stay in touch with the wild animals. A Wildlife Veterinarian is one who treats wild animals, birds and amphibians on the various diseases. Hence, saving animals from their unspeakable illnesses is not just a profession but also a work of service hence, the satisfaction is immense! You will always be on the go if you are a field practitioner and it is a mix of profession as well as adventure all the time.

  1. Its time to do some Wild Research!

A Wildlife Veterinarian will work on various activities including sedating animals for medical procedures, medical examinations of blood samples and fluids, evaluation and treatment of wounds, intensive care for abandoned cubs and other young ones, x-ray and ultrasound examination, prescribing medication, vaccination and breeding programs and so on. Hence, you will have a continuous learning process through research in your career. Every case and every animal is unique, which adds up to the adventure in the Wild.

  1. Get Paid in Dollars!

This is one of the well-paid professions in the medical field as it calls for more of adventure and risk. Wildlife Veterinarians on the field travel across the globe and get paid approximately $48.11 per hour of work according to the US salary survey conducted in the year 2014. And they work up to 50 hours a week. This makes them one of the top paid professionals in the world.

  1. High Scope!

With a number of people passionate about wildlife increasing day by day wildlife veterinary is one profession the is expected to expand faster at the rate of 9 percent growth in the number of practitioners from 2014 to 2024 according to a survey in the US. Hence, the job outlook for the field of Wildlife Medicine is comparatively high on the positive end.

  1. Do some “Public” practice

This profession is not just confined to work as vets in clinics or on fields. One can also take chances to work in “public” practices such as food safety and health, research activities on bio-terrorism, animal disease control, military, wildlife rehabilitation and so on.  Hence, Wildlife veterinary is itself an umbrella in the field of medicine that has various emerging untouched branches that calls for a good amount of exploration.

So, if there is one profession that keeps your life active and adventurous, satisfactory and well salaried, it is none other than being a Wildlife Veterinarian.

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