Do You Need A Fire Ammonite Egg?

Fire Ammonite Egg

Fossil Hunting of Cephalopod Mollusk and Fire Ammonite Egg

Fire Ammonite Egg hunting can be both an enthralling hobby as well as remunerative job if you are really interested in it. Ammonite is better preserved among the types of Cephalopod Mollusks that inhabited the world’s ocean during the same period as the dinosaurs. This means that the ammonites were a principal predatory force that preyed upon other ocean creatures like small fishes and crustaceans. They of course became prey to other larger creatures too yet with the abundance of fossil remains thrown up along the coasts suggest that they must have survived the odds rather successfully.

The fossil collection may date back several centuries and has been seen to be widely collected. Fossils of ammonite arose in popularity due to its intricate naturally formed suture patterns as well as its color hues. The fire ammonite eggs are the rarest as they are harder to find.

Hunting for these fossilized gems

You may either collect or sell rare ammonite fossils as and when you chance to come across some of these as they are mostly found in the coastal areas or the river beds or places where the Jurassic or Cretaceous oceans were. It can be a great discovery and a prized one if you were to spot an iridescent looking ammonite or one which literally glows when polished.

The fire ammonite egg can be a real great find and you may end up with a jackpot as they are rare. Since there are several folklores from West and the East as well as it being associated with the finder’s prosperity, good luck, vitality, harmony and general well being it is often one of the most sought after fossil in the world. This makes it quite easily marketable as well as thrilling experience.

Yet finding one of the well endowed fossils can be a difficult task yet not out of reach even for the amateurs. You may buy and sell any of these ammonite fossil and these may be either polished or unpolished. Some of them are good for decorative purposes while others are traded for their value alone.

You may find brilliant hues in some ammonite and they look as if light has been trapped in them. They even get better with right polishing and you may get a better price for them in the online market.

Small and large fossils

You may find different types and various sizes of ammonites especially during your searches and some may be larger than 3 feet in diameter. You may hopefully come across good well preserved fire ammonite eggs in the course of your arduous treks. This would surely get you good money in the market.

If you happen to preserve them for the future then make sure that you keep them wet. However, it is to be noted that water that preserves them may over a period of time damage them due to level of acidity in it. Hence, some people make use of mineral oil for preserving them for an indefinite period of time.

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