Find Out Now, The Biggest Dog in the World

The Biggest Dog in the World

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes but some potential owners seem fascinated by the tallest dog in the world or the biggest dog in the world as an ideal companion for their home. Among the most popular dog breeds where size is concerned is the Great Dane. This huge breed is perhaps more commonly seen in our parks and country roads being taken for a walk by a flustered owner trying diligently to hold on to the faithful hound’s lead.

It may not have the accolade of being the heaviest dog in the world or the biggest dog in the world, but it has to be a contender for the tallest dog in the world. The Great Dane was bred in Bavaria and Denmark from Irish Wolf Hounds and English Bull Mastiffs. It was a kind of experiment among early dog breeders to create a larger breed that would become popular across Europe.

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The tallest dog in the world tipped the measuring stick at 3’ 8” (a staggering 44 inches) but they are quick, strong and have plenty of stamina because, despite their height, they’re not the heaviest dog in the world.

In terms of sheer volume, one would have to look at the Mastiff. The Mastiff was bred to protect a home or property and the sheer bulk of the dog makes for an intimidating sight. Some Mastiff dogs can weigh up to 155 lbs although bitches are smaller and lighter.

The French Mastiff is another huge but friendly beast of a dog. Many owners will boast they have the heaviest dog breed in the world here. The French Mastiff has been made famous in films and the breed once starred alongside Tom Hanks in the hit movie Turner and Hooch.

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The Newfoundland is another dog that was originally bred as one of the many hunting dog breeds but it soon showed its resourcefulness as a great tracker and finder of lost climbers and hill walkers. Its powerful scent meant it could easily still track down a human scent even if they had crossed a raging river. Hunting dog breeds simply pick up a scent on one bank side and sense it on the other side.

However, the English Mastiff – at a weight of 250 pounds or more – has to be our winner as the heaviest dog in the world. It will even sleep on your bed if you allow it, but you will have to find another place for sleeping.

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