When You’re Stuck in a Boring Class, You Can Find Online Unblocked Games at School

Online Unblocked Games at School

Games that are not blocked?  You bet!  There are more and more sites popping up with games that the school internet can’t block you from playing.  Even if you can’t have your phone out, there are games you can play on the computer in the lab that your school or college can’t block.  So you basically have unlimited unblocked games!

Most of the games you can play are flash based games that you play in a browser window.  This way you don’t have to install any software, because schools prevent students from installing software on their computers.

Flash browser games work just fine because there is no software, so these games are unblocked!

It’s also impossible for schools to block all flash based browser games, because they would have to know all the game web addresses.  Since there are new game websites being created every day, they can’t track all of them and you are able to play unblocked games.

Some schools use a filter for gaming sites, but many web developers have outsmarted this tactic in one way or another, and there are sites that maybe aren’t registered as containing games, or other ways they mask their content.  Try and see!

You can choose from many not blocked games, too.  There are quite a few variations on Flappy Bird, which is a great one to play in class.  Strikeforce Kitty is a lot of fun, and hilarious.  If you like puzzle games, Galactic Gems is a great one.

Another personal favorite taken from the world of console gaming is Plants Vs Zombies.  If you haven’t heard of Agario yet, it’s a fast paced eat or be eaten strategy game; very simple to look at but a ton of fun, and classroom friendly!

So don’t worry if you’re stuck being bored in class.  There are a lot of games you can still play that are unblocked in your school.

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