Find Chuck Norris I’m Feeling Lucky Hot Trends of Google

Find Chuck Norris I’m Feeling Lucky

One of the current Web trends today is the Feeling Lucky gag like find Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky. What is it all about?

Here is what you do in trying to find Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky in the hot trends of Google. The steps are easy to follow. Proceed to Google’s Homepage and type the following – Find Chuck Norris. Instead of selecting Google Search, choose I’m feeling lucky. With a bit of luck, you catch the practical joke.

With I’m feeling lucky, users automatically reach the top of search results pages. This button omits the page for search results and goes right away to the number one ranking page for that particular search part. This button spins like a slot machine and will actually save you several seconds going through a long list of search results. This is the common technique in finding Google Bombs.

Do you really find Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky? Well, you may not locate the iconic Hollywood actor and martial arts expert but Chuck Norris will definitely find you. One user-generated site dedicated for social news called (NowPublic) based in Vancouver, Canada disclosed that by typing Google Chuck Norris and hitting I’m Feeling Lucky, an amusing thing takes place. The user gets “Zero” results with a curt reminder that you will be unable to come across Chuck Norris. The actor will find you!

The find Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky will simply redirect users to the URL: What’s the catch here? This is an Easter egg and the search engine is not exempted from Chuck Norris pranks.

The practice of Google Bombing is one wherein a particular web page is meant to rank number one in Search Engines Results Pages (SERP) for a specific search phrase. Google will produce hilarious results once you key in the phrase. According to a published article in the Internet, it is possible to build numerous links going to the desired pages along with the selected anchor text so the preferred site ranks in the first position. As soon as the site or page has been bombed, users can look for the ordinary phrase to bring results which are placed on purpose. Results can be provoking to the mind such as find Chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky. The others may not be as exciting or comical.

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After January of 2007 when Google Algorithm was modified, bombs became harder to work out. There are many forums and published articles that discuss the concept of Google Bombs. Perhaps find Chuck Norris I am feeling lucky will linger around for some time. However, one article says Chuck Norris has filed a lawsuit against Penguin as well Ian Spector (the author) because of the book entitled, “Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 facts about the World’s Greatest Human”.

Some experts see this as another clever marketing ploy and innovation that Google has become famous for throughout the years. That is why Google has evolved and remains number one.

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