Why we are here?

Secretsubject is present to present a world where anyone will have access to quality learning. By following simple step-by-step instructions, billions of people around the world will have positive impact on their lives.

A new world is created by a community of philanthropists. The collaborative environment is shared with users to give access to best collection of secretsubject. Each article will be updated on a continuous basis until it reaches a level of sophistication where all the step-by-step instructions are very effective.

Even though the ambitious goal takes many years, we are committed to present our best so that millions of people from all over the world will be happy.

What we do?

Through collaborative environment, world’s best helpful guides are prepared. Anyone will be able to contribute on the website, secretsubject.com. New page can be written and edited as per your convenience.

Who we are?

Secretsubject comprises of eminent writers and editors from many countries. Real world skills such as writing and leadership are shared by individuals who are experts on the topic. The sharing is voluntarily done in order to share their joy with a large audience. The authors would love to contribute to the society. They would love to help others through collaborative environment.

Secretsubject moves forward by visionary founder, Rehan Hasan. Few full-time paid employees carryout the responsibilities to achieve the goals of the organization. The headquarters is located in a residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

How secretsubject works?

There will be change in the content on daily basis. Editing will be reviewed on a constant basis. Poor edits will be reverted very quickly by volunteers. Each article will be refined in terms of quality over a period of time. There are quality enhancing tools to accomplish this task. Knowledge and skills are shared by volunteers to bring out the best article.

Secretsubject is a hybrid organization. The company is focused to get reputation at global level. The financial support for the business is achieved through advertising. However, readers will have best reading experience on the website and they will not be annoyed with excessive advertising.

Our Mission

Secretsubject is on the mission to empower everyone on the planet. When helpful and step-by-step instructions are provided, every person will be encouraged to go ahead with those instructions.


It is our vision to create a world where anyone will be able to learn secret subject very easily. A new world will be created by providing all-inclusive step-by-step instructions so that ‘public good’ will be promoted at global level. It is possible to improve lives in ordinary as well as extraordinary ways.

Hybrid Organization

Secretsubject is a hybrid organization. Global public ‘good’ will be created in according with the mission. The organization is perceived as a business which focuses on accomplishing a social mission.

What is a hybrid organization?

The focus of secretsubject is that everyone on the planet will learn and master secret subject. Even though the business is organized as a for-profit company, it cannot be considered as a typical business. It is called hybrid organization as charitable mission is accomplished through the power of for-profit business.

The elements of traditional business will be combined with nonprofits.

  • As a non-profit, secret subject focuses on fulfilling the mission for free so that people are educated in the best possible way.
  • As a business, profits are used to finance operations. Expansion, innovation and stability of the project are accomplished in the best possible way.

Creation of significantly-sized and profitable hybrid organization is achieved with secretsubject. The company is intended to serve as a role model for entrepreneurs and businesses. New world order will be created if public good is achieved through the efforts of the organization.

How secretsubject blossoms?

Secretsubject assumes the custodian role for secret subject. If the community feels that secretsubject fails to deliver the goods, it gives the community the right to ‘fork’ secretsubject. The community will have the capability to restart the project. Thus, secretsubject is committed to deliver best goods without any issues.

How secretsubject spends the money?

The money generated by secretsubject is reinvested to improve the secret subject. The benefit of readers and editors is the top priority. With the improvement in financial condition of the business, best talent can be attracted and retained so that quality content can be published on a long-term basis.

When secretsubject generated sufficient funds, the money will be returned to the founder, Rehan Hasan who took initiative when the business was not profitable. The profits will also be shared with charitable organizations.

If the business is not profitable, Rehan will fund business. He will ensure that the sanctity and mission of secretsubject is preserved during troubled times. In order to advance the mission of secretsubject, it might take many decades.

Can you donate to secretsubject?

No. secretsubject has not accepted any donations. Many enthusiastic donors contacted us over a period of time and the idea is not accepted by us. If you would like to support us financially, the money can be distributed to non-profit organizations which are working on similar goals.

Is secret subject venture-capital financed?

No. secretsubject is completely financed by the founder, Rehan Hasan. So far, we have not met any external investors who have matching interests with us. The funding from external means is likely to change. At the moment, the self financing option is being exercised by the founder to keep align the long term goals of secretsubject.

Don’t you want more money? Are you crazy Bangladeshi hippies?

We live in Bangladesh. Some of us hear music produced in 1960’s. Hence, we cannot be counted as crazy. We would like to earn more money so that our goals can be reached very quickly. We considered running like a hybrid organization so that the world as well as stakeholders will be benefited. We also wish that more and more business will adopt the ‘hybrid organization’ in the coming days.

Who own secretsubject?

Secretsubject is owned by Rehan Hasan and its shareholders. If the company earns profits, it will be shared by Rehan Hasan and its shareholders.

In another sense, anyone can fork secretsubject and it can be moved to other servers. In that case, Rehan owns nothing. Rehan would like to be the steward of secretsubject community. He would like to enjoy the financial benefits as well if the community believes that he is a good steward of secretsubject mission.