Tips about Eating Chocolate While Pregnant

Eating Chocolate While Pregnant

Are you one of those women who are confused or fearful about eating chocolate while pregnant? Let your mind be at peace as you will not be deprived of your favorite again after reading this content.

Once upon a time, there used to be conflicting and misleading reports that chocolate could be harmful to a pregnant mother and/or the foetus. Studies have proven it over and again that chocolate is absolutely safe for pregnant women, particularly when it is taking in moderation.

It may also interest you to know that it has been scientifically buttressed that eating chocolate during pregnancy enhances placental functionalities at same time potentially minimize the chances of preeclampsia. Of course, excessive consumption is not encouraged because of two obvious reasons.

Firstly, there are some elements of caffeine in chocolate, no wonder the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests less than 200 milligram (mg) daily consumption for pregnant women.

Secondly, excessive consumption could make pregnant women lose appetite for some more healthy foods necessary for balanced diet. Again, chocolate is rich in calories which contributes meaningfully to the unhealthy increase in weight.

Even at that, the most recent studies have also lent credence to the fact that chocolate contributes significantly to the healthy placenta, including fetal growth and development.

It may be recalled that there are various types of chocolates out there and you may find them in various textures and tastes, hence only some selective ones are recommended for healthy consumption by pregnant women. For instance, dark chocolates composed of little sugar content, organic and cocoa rich chocolates.

Benefits of eating chocolate while pregnant

  • It regulates and facilitates blood pressure: Theobromine plays vital role in controlling blood pressure in expectant mother and cocoa is very rich in this.
  • Dark chocolates could be helpful when it comes to prevention of pre-eclampsia: Many premature deaths are traceable to Pre-eclampia. High blood pressure in women is mostly attributable to this and intake of dark chocolate offers great reprieve.
  • It brings joy to both mother and the baby inside the womb: Successive studies and scholars have confirmed that most women who are under stress can still give birth to lively and joyous children as long as they consume chocolate moderately.
  • Chocolate is loaded with vital antioxidants: It comprises of flavonoids which include highly effective antioxidants capable of enhancing immune system
  • Chocolate is loaded with irons, magnesium and many more nutrients: While iron is a wonderful nutrient which plays vital roles in ensuring that pregnant women remains healthy, magnesium meaningfully facilitates metabolism using fatty acid.
  • Chocolate contributes towards preventing heart disease: Dark chocolate is made with antioxidant components responsible for preventing heart disease.
  • Chocolate helps in minimizing cholesterol levels and effectively managing weight: As pregnant women eats dark chocolates reasonably, this assists in cholesterol reductions in pregnant women, by discharging abnormal fat accumulation.

Methods of selecting most suitable chocolates during pregnancy

Eating chocolate while pregnant could be risk-free, excited and rewarding with the following techniques:

  1. Go for dark chocolate to explore its health advantage over milk chocolates
  2. Do away with chocolate mousse during pregnancy
  3. Get organic with less sugar or sweetener if you are to take chocolate as pregnant woman
  4. Chocolate should never be consumed excessively while pregnant to avoid unwanted fat storage and weight gain
  5. Chocolate is made up of almost 23 g per 1.5 ounce of milk chocolate and about 18 g for similar chocolate quantity
  6. Do not take more than 200 mg of chocolate per day since it composes caffeine, at least to avoid the fear of miscarriage

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