Dry Shampoo Recipe Making Your Hair Look Cool

How Easy Dry Shampoo Recipe Helps make Dry Shampoo at Home

Today’s busy world do not let many people wash their hair on a regular basis. You might not know that hair stylists recommend skipping a couple of hair washes every week to keep the scalp oil flowing. Washing your hair, every day can make your hair look dry and unhealthy which is not anyone’s preference.

How Easy Dry Shampoo Recipe

No one wishes to go around with a floppy head of hair. Knowing about the dry shampoo recipe helps a person avoid washing hair every day and save time out of the busy routine.

Homemade, natural dry shampoos easily soak up oil and also leave a nice scent. They also allow a person to skip a hair wash each day. This practice saves an individual’s time and efforts.

People love knowing about dry shampoo recipe nowadays because it helps them make lifestyle cool. Many guys love dry shampoo, but running out of the aerosol stuff is the thing that makes them feel a bit odd. Dry shampoos have become very popular these days, and they are frequently used in several households. You will hardly find a person that do not shampoo his or her hair in two weeks.

Dry Shampoo Recipe

There are certain things that you will need to make the dry shampoo, and this called a dry shampoo recipe. Observe the following bullet points to know what is required to make the dry shampoo without too many efforts:

  • Glass bowl
  • Cocoa powder (this ingredient is optional)
  • Arrowroot powder, cornstarch or rice flour
  • Whisk
  • Airtight container
  • Turmeric (this ingredient is optional)
  • Large Makeup Brush
  • Essential Oils

Steps involved in making Dry Shampoo

Step 1: Dry Mix
The base of dry shampoos is made from starches. Rice flour, cornstarch, and arrowroot powder all help you make a scentless, strong oil soaking bases. Select any of these organic bases and measure ¼ cup of the given arid ingredient.
You can mix up two of these bases, for instance, cornstarch and arrowroot powder, to get a somewhat lighter formula.

Step 2: Light or Dark

The bases mentioned above tend to become simple white powders, so redheads and brunettes need to change the color faintly to mix into their strands.

Girls or women having dark hair are allowed to add up to 2 tablespoons of the cocoa powder to the entire combination of ingredients. Also add a small portion of cocoa powder at one time, and mix it into the base until it forms the color that you would like to have. The redheads can add a single teaspoon of the turmeric into the whole mixture, and this will give a natural boost.

Step 3: Essential Scents

Dry shampoos are not just for cleaning out your hair but also add a great scent to user’s head. You can easily add ten drops of the desired essential oil such as lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla or orange. Add any of your favorite essential oil to the base powder.

Mix all the elements until they are completely combined, and all the essential oil drops have been stirred thoroughly.

As an alternative, spritz the desired body spray or perfume into the dry blend for a modified freshness boost.

Step 4: Magic in a Flask

Get a container or glass bottle with an airtight lid and pour the entire mixture into this. You should store this bottle or airtight container in a dark and dry place. Get a big foundation brush and dip this into the dry shampoo and pour it along your hair roots gently. One important thing to note is to keep the application even and light so that the powdery effect can be removed.

The trend of using liquid shampoo has decreased especially in the western world where the climate is cool. People of cold countries avoid taking showers time and again because keeping your body wet several times can cause coldness and other deadly diseases.

Magic in a FlaskUsing a dry shampoo is very easy, and everyone can do it without facing any difficulties. In fact, the use of dry shampoo recipe has increased over the past few years.

While using dry shampoo you should keep in mind that a dry shampoo is used for a couple of different things, and people intending to use it must know the causes. For example, you have just finished working out and do not want to wash your head, using a dry shampoo can be a good option in such circumstances. It can also be useful when a person wants to change the shade of its hair a little bit.

So give your hairstyle an extra lift to make them look awesome within no time. With rising popularity of dry shampoo, several hairstyle brands have started to manufacture their dry shampoos. However, still there is a huge number of users who would have these shampoos prepared at home instead of buying from the market. As mentioned above, the process of making this is not very difficult, and everyone can do this by using right kind of ingredients in right proportion.

Using ready dry shampoo

Using dry shampoo recipe after finalizing it into a final product is very easy. It is used just the way folks use perfume etc. Just spray the mixture on your hair roots and also through the tip of your hair so that the hairstyle looks even and catchy.

Always try to spray hair from the front because the first impression is all about your frontal hair that grow just above your forehead.

If they look cool, you may not need to waste more dry shampoo by spraying on the back side of the neck. The best thing about using the dry shampoo is that it makes your hair look fresh after a few sprays.

So you do not need to go under the shower and get yourself wet soon after working out or coming back from the gym.

This is what has encouraged most people to prefer dry shampoos over the liquid ones.

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