You have seen much sunscreen advertisement in which models use high quality sunscreen and get a tan free skin. But we all know that it’s not a reality as many people don’t know the real fact about tanning and sunscreen and because of this they keep on asking the questions like “does sunscreen prevent tanning”? Here in this article we are going to discuss the various myths associated with sunscreen and here they are:

You will not suffer from tan when you use sunscreen

This is the moth common myth which I have heard from nay people even various advertisement mentions such things. But let me clear you that there is no way to stop tanning because it is necessary to keep our skin safe from harmful UV rays.

  • Tanned skin looks bad but they are important because they save you from severe skin damage. When our skin is exposed to sun then our body melanin produced in excess and this leads to tanning.
  • Also, tanning is a sign of skin damage and sunscreen only slow down the tanning process but they never stop it.

More sunscreen is better

I don’t know why people say that thing? Taking medicines than the required quantity will not make you well in small time but they make your condition worse. Well, excess sunscreen does not worsen your skin but just putting a lot of it will be of no use. So, next time when you heard such type of thing then just avoid it.

Expensive sunscreen is better

This is an arguable comment but in a study it is found that even cheap sunscreen even works better than the expensive one or they are equally good. Well, my point here is that many big brands just sell this sunscreen on high price and fool their users.

So, this is it with the sunscreen myths and when next time someone asks you “ does sunscreen prevent tanning ” then you will have an answer to give them.

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