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Does AppleCare Cover Cracked Screens

You find you accidently drop your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a nasty crack appears the screen. I’m not sure about you but if such an accident happened to me, I’d want it repaired right away. To even attempt to work around a crack in the screen or even a hairline split would be as back as wearing a pair of glasses with a crack across the lens – no thank you!

Within minutes of noticing the crack, most of us would be searching online through search engines for cracked screen repair service centres. But we have an Apple product and if we read some of the literature, we would have noticed AppleCare mentioned somewhere.

The name suggests some sort of AppleCare protection plan is in place – but is there any cover for cracked screens on your iOS device? And, moreover, did you take out any sort of AppleCare warranty when you first purchased your device or are we looking at some kind of automatic warranty?

Once you have checked through these particulars, you’ll want the answers to the burning question on your lips: Does AppleCare cover cracked screens? It is the serial number on your device that determines the level of coverage you will automatically get when you purchased an Apple product.

Hairline splits on screens are rare but what about the latest Apple Watch product? If this is not accidental, then it must be repaired or replace under the warranty you have. AppleCare Plus has an accidental damage cover option which will replace and repair your device even if it was deemed the damage was your responsibility.

But even AppleCare Plus holders will have to pay for a screen replacement depending on the particular device you have. Take the most popular Apple product out there – the iPhone 6 and, let’s say, the screen has cracked, but you have AppleCare Plus cover, you must still pay the money to replace the entire new screen for your device. This usually ends up around $100 including taxes.

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The cost varies from product to product and often AppleCare will replace the entire unit rather than replace the screen – but note this: it will still cost you the screen replacement fee only and not the cost of a new device entirely. But a minute hairline split is covered under AppleCare as well as the warranty feature with Apple products. And here you won’t get charged a cent.

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