Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

CSCS certification relates to the people involved in athletic activities. A CSCS professional conducts training sessions to improve the performance of athletes.

CSCS is the abbreviation of the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and the term is of great importance when it comes to health and fitness concerns. CSCSs (certified strength and conditioning specialists) are professional people who possess scientific knowledge for training athletes. They are responsible for training different athletes for achieving certain athletic goals and also improve physical performance.

cscs introduceThey are trained professionals counting on various testing techniques and training athletes to nourish their athletic skills. Conducting sport-oriented testing sessions is one of their common practices that they follow to produce quality results.

How CSCS Certification Ensures Athletic Safety

Most of the novice sports persons are not familiar with injury prevention and strength training techniques. So they might get injured due to unawareness of the specific techniques. CSCS certification makes sure that all sports persons get the best physical training plus accurate guidance about nutrition.

It’s not necessary that a single certified strength and conditioning specialist should possess knowledge of all areas of the athletic industry. They can refer an athlete to other CSCS professionals when required. It means one should not presume that one CSCS is sufficient to deal with all kind of physical training sessions.

How CSCS Certification Ensures Athletic SafetyMany college students want to become certified strength and conditioning specialists after completing their studies. However, they do not have knowledge about the certification through which they can achieve what they long for.

If you are one of such youngsters, then you must be aware of a number of important things including conditioning training and science behind strength, proper knowledge of nutritional needs, good level of education and ability to handle emergency situations.

Becoming a CSCS Professional

Be professional
Be professional

Imagining yourself as a CSCS professional could be very easy, however, getting through it is not as simple as you might have thought. One should be able to spend time studying related books, for instance, latest editions of Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning.

There could be around 600 pages that you would need to go through and spend $250-$475 to take the exam and finally write the letters C.S.C.S after your name.

Some of you might think that it’s very cheap and easy to get this particular certification.

It’s not that simple, though, as it may require money and time more than your expectations. There are chances that you end up spending nearly $500 on everything that leads to the CSCS title.There are some positives and negativities of the course, and it would be great for you to go through these before you actually get into the real situation.

Encouraging Things about CSCS:

  • The study and course are evidence-based with scientific background
  • Totally unbiased approach
  • Great philosophical method to teach the strength and conditioning professional
  • It’s a tough test to make sure that people properly review and learn the CSCS concepts

Though there are several positive things that glorify the CSCS certification, on the other hand, there are few critical points that do not go in its favor.

A Few Negativities of the Course:
  • You might be surprised to know that the entire examination is based on a textbook. A few important lectures and coaching classes would be highly beneficial for the examinees.
  • There is a scarcity of information that relates to injury prevention techniques.

A Few Negativities of the Course

  • Some of the questions in the exam are to the point and do not require any explanation. However, elaboration of certain aspect is needed at some points.
  • People who have taken the exam say that there is not sufficient practical application. On the contrary side, too much science is involved in the study. Knowledge seems unprofitable until experienced or physically demonstrated.
  • No experience, internship, personal coaching or monitoring is required to become CSCS professionall. You can start training athletes just from the text knowledge that you gained from the book.

There is nothing to be concerned if you do not have enough background associated with the science of exercise. The below material can be very helpful for you.

Help Points to Become A CSCS Professional
  • Read the text of the whole book and take important notes for help.
  • Purchase all the supplemental material and read carefully to make through the exam.
  • Use practice exams so that you know your weak areas and work on their improvements.

Help Points to Become A CSCS ProfessionalIf you have some background in exercise science, then you might be able to pass the exam without going through the practice exams. Nevertheless, reading more information always results in better understanding of the strength and conditioning aspect.

Reading the entire book just once may not be enough to keep all the important techniques in mind. Going through the whole book several times gives a great boost to what you have studied. This practice will let you save a lot of significant information in your mind, and you will unlikely forget anything during the exam.

People have always been keen to keep their bodies perfectly fit to perform different athletic activities successfully. This tendency has led such people to be the certified strength and conditioning specialist. Those who are not able to become a professional in this particular industry can easily join any sport and get trained under the supervision of any CSCS. Somehow many of us are associated with physical activities and want our bodies to stay in shape for a long time.

Importance of CSCS in the Industry

Becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist or CSCS is not an ordinary task because it has great value in the industry. People who have successfully become such professionals can’t stay behind in life.There are several great opportunities available for the CSCSs at different levels. If you feel that the textbook is not providing what is needed to pass the exam, then feel free to go online and find help videos that would show you a practical approach to the course.

Importance of CSCS in the Industry
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

So are you ready for the certification? Remember you are not alone in the field as there are many others following the footsteps of successful specialists. Hope this article helped you in understanding various aspects of this course.

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