How to Choose a Math Tutor

How to Choose a Math Tutor

Many people have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. Some of us are great with remembering facts, some are strong with their use of languages, and some are gifted with math. Unfortunately, many of us are not math geniuses, and in fact, many often see math as their weakness. While basic calculations can be easy for almost anyone, any kind of advanced math can be confusing, even for those who happen to be naturally strong in math.

Reasons Why Kids Must Learn Math

We can think of three good reasons why your kids should learn (and become good at math). These three reasons should settle any debate that you have about focusing your kids on math.

  1. Math is Essential to Everyday Life

There is no escaping this fact. All people need to have a good solid understanding of basic math in order to make it through every day life. When it comes time to paying bills, buying food at the grocery store, filling up your gas tank, or even cooking from a recipe, knowing how to do basic math in your head is a necessary life skill.

  1. Learning Math Opens More Doors Later in Life

Someone who has a good understanding of math is going to have an easier time of getting a good job than one who doesn’t. This is just another fact of life. Those of us who have spent any time out in the workforce know that having good math skills is important for almost any kind of white collar job. Even just graduating from college is going to require a solid understanding of math, regardless of the major.

  1. Knowing Math Allows Children to Make Better Choices About Life

A solid foundation in math is going to allow your children to be able to make their own reasonable life choices. Understanding the basic principle of a formula and solution will allow children to be able to make the most logical choices for themselves.

Find a Math Tutor For Your Child

Unfortunately, in almost any kind of school or university, many math classes can be difficult for those of us who are not math geniuses. This is why it can be very important to find a private math tutor.  In cases where it’s difficult to grasp certain mathematical concepts that are taught in a class, a private math tutor can help explain things to you in clear manner, and can help you work out how to solve different formulas that a teacher or professor may not be able to do for you, either in class or on an individual basis. Anyone who is concerned about their final grade in a math class should seriously look into hiring a math tutor to help understand everything clearly for the highest grade possible.

Having said all of the above, finding the right math tutor can often be its own special challenge. Not all math tutors are going to be the same, and some may be able to explain certain math concepts more clearly than others. Also, not all math tutors may be able to explain things clearly in a manner in which you understand. Since all math tutors have their own strengths and weaknesses, finding the right math tutor for you can be difficult, but not impossible. There are a number of different things to look for when choosing the right math tutor.

Find a Tutor Who Can Match Your Schedule

When looking for the right math tutor, finding the right one who can spend time with you when you’re not busy can be a challenge, especially if the tutor you find happens to be a student also. Many students often volunteer their own services as math tutors, but this means that you have to work around their schedule, rather than having them work around yours. Make sure that you find a tutor who is available during your normal study time. Usually, it’s best to make sure that you can fit them in somewhere between your math classes, so that you can have them explain concepts from each individual class at a time, rather than having to talk about subjects from multiple classes all at the same time.

Make Sure Your Tutor Knows the Subject Well

As we stated before, not all math tutors are going to be strong in your particular subject. For instance, some people may find advanced algebra to be simple, but then have difficulty with calculus. If you are needing to find a math tutor for a particular topic, make sure that they have a clear understanding of all math concepts that are discussed within that topic. Having a tutor who doesn’t understand everything well is not going to be of much help to you.

Find a Tutor Who Can Communicate Well

Part of the process of tutoring is being able to communicate certain concepts well to other people in a manner in which they can easily understand. Any tutor who can be of help shouldn’t just know math well, but should also be able to explain things in a simplified manner to someone. It’s important to make sure that the tutor that you choose is able to explain things in a manner in which you understand. Talking to each tutor extensively about the subjects and finding out their manner of explanation is an important thing to do before you hire them to help you.

Make Sure Your Tutor is Qualified

Since many tutors happen to be students themselves, they may not have many qualifications for helping you in your particular math subject. Of course, if they have a good understanding of this subject and are able to explain it clearly to you, then this isn’t quite so important, but often you might feel better about finding a tutor who has some good qualifications in your particular subject. Some tutors happen to be teachers or professors who have advanced degrees in that particular field, so finding someone like this may be preferable for you, as long as they are able to meet your other criteria for a tutor.

Make Sure the Tutor is Affordable

For someone who is a student, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on tutoring. Make sure that you find a tutor who has reasonable rates for their service. Usually, most tutors are not going to price themselves out of the market, as often they are just looking to earn a little extra money. On the other hand, finding a more expensive tutor doesn’t mean that they’re going to be the best tutor for you. Finding an affordable tutor is important for making sure that the extent of their tutoring services won’t be limited to your budget.

Where to Find the Best Tutor?

Now that we’ve talked about what things to look for in a tutor, another important topic is where to find the best tutor for you. Many years ago, tutoring options were very limited, but in this day and age, tutoring options are plentiful and easily accessible for just about everyone. Where to find the best tutor may often come down to what will work best for you. With lots of options available both in your area and online, you should have plenty of choices. Here are some of the most common ways to finding the right tutor.

Check Bulletin Board Postings at School

Many schools and university campuses have bulletin boards that are meant for students to find or offer different services to each other, and here is where many people often post or look for tutors. If you look at a bulletin board at your school or university, you are likely to find multiple people offering tutoring services for math. Often they will list the particular subjects that they provide tutoring for, but it’s always best to call them and talk to them directly to make sure that they have strong knowledge in the particular subjects that you’re studying.

Ask Friends or Classmates For Recommendations

Unless you are going through a distance learning program of some kind, you are likely to have classmates in your same class, and it’s very likely that some of your classmates may already be using a tutor. Asking them for recommendations for tutors who can help you is always a good idea. Chances are that if your classmate has a tutor who is able to help them, that tutor should already be familiar with the subject, and should be able to explain things to you in a clear manner as well.

Check Your Local Library

Many libraries happen to be havens for tutoring services, with many tutors often meeting with their students there. Many libraries will also have listings of tutors, or even bulletin boards where tutors will advertise their services. Since libraries are often hubs for tutors and students alike, checking at your local city or campus library is a good way to find a good tutor.

Check Online Postings

There are many websites that allow people to post classified ads for different services, including tutoring services. Checking one of these sites that provides this service for your area can often be a big help in finding the right math tutor.

Use an Online Tutoring Service

With many educational services becoming available online, it’s only natural that online tutoring services would come to the forefront of today’s educational needs. There are a large number of tutoring services available online to fit almost anyone’s needs. This means that finding an excellent math tutor isn’t going to be limited to your own area.

Online tutoring services will have several advantages over all other ways of finding a tutor. With an online tutoring service, you can easily find a good math tutor who meets your schedule, has expertise in what you are studying, and can help explain the subject to you in a simplified manner in which anybody can understand. Furthermore, you will have many more tutoring choices than what you would probably find in your local area, so an online tutoring service may best fit your needs in ways that a local tutor can’t.

Find the Right Tutor For Your Needs

Regardless of where you find a good math tutor, finding the right tutor may take some diligence, so don’t be afraid to talk extensively with any tutors that you find in order to make sure that they will be the right tutor for you. The more research and due diligence you put into finding the right tutor, the better your chances of finding the best tutor for you.

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