Just to relive the fantastic chemistry between Monica and Chandler, there are people who daily search about when do chandler and Monica get together. If you have watched the world famous TV series “friends” then you would definitely wish for a partnership like Chandler and Monica.

Like all the other perfect love stories, this couple too realized their love after sharing a best friend bond.  Though Ross and Rachel made an interesting couple but the chemistry between Chandler and Monica was something different.

When do chandler and Monica get togetherThe reasons why people are a fan of this pair are countless. They were a dynamic couple, less dramatic, more fun and knew each other in and out. They accepted and loved each other despite of knowing all the flaws and short comings of each other.

They were a real deal couple, and this made them an ideal for many.  Over the ten year serial, people saw them realizing their love for each other.  They have become a role model for every couple; therefore it is worth it to relive their togetherness.

When do chandler and Monica get together?

Well! If we leave aside the facts, it has to be accepted that the chemistry between Chandler and Monica was there from the very first season. They knew each other from their late teens when they were in the high school.

Till the first four seasons, it was portrayed that these two were best of friends. Though, they always had chemistry, their first relation started at the end of the fourth season.

It all happened at the wedding of Ross where Monica becomes depressed at the thought that his brother is getting married for the second time while she is not able to get into a stable relationship.

  Chandler tries to console her which eventually ended up with a romantic scene. This was the time when both of them realized their feelings for each other.

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