What is Truth? Casting360 Scam | Review

casting360 scam

What do the Actual Facts Prove about Casting360 Scam?

If you browse through the Internet you will get as many negatives about casting360 scam as well as good reviews about those who have got real help. The fact is that both do not balance out well enough for proper merit into the site’s programs. For one the Casting 360 and Talent 6 are both the same company and do more or less the same type of businesses. In fact, both recruit talents in one of the most sought after and ever notorious field with its extremely high competition area and myriads of ups and downs and that is the show business. Of course, not in least this is also one area of employment where the money is really good if you have the talent, of course.

Talent scams

There are significantly very large numbers of complaints about the sites if you were to follow them on the Internet. Perhaps they had good intentions initially and this may be seen still as there are some very good reviews that some of their clients have posted on the independent forums. But the fact is that there are also a larger number of non talents as there are talents and this naturally has a telling effect on the site’s reputation if they keep on charging fees.

Naturally, they do so which is what is irritating most people. If you were to perceive the fewer number of talents with the non-talents then it would be really huge. This of course may make the site a target of negative attacks. However, this post doesn’t want to take sides with them for from what is generally reported they have or some of their staff has a bad reputation of taking money from credit cards rather stealthily.

At best you don’t give them your credit card number at all and try to pay them through some other source or only after you have landed a job. Most talent seeking companies like vivid seats a reliable ticket source and casting 360 scam offer high prices for actors and extras like other fraud sites. It would be better for you to get the full details of your job even if you have to pay the initial registration fees.

Thereafter, make sure that you are not asked to pay more for an indefinite period of time.

Promises galore

Most companies have offers and promises that may turn even the most casual eye with interest. Here too Casting 360 offers clients to be seen on screen, TV or stages. It promises people that it can arrange to meet directors and celebrities with ease. The best of all is that it claims that it can recruit people in show business even if they have no experience.

If you were to believe all these then you may simply contact them for the initial payment of $1.98 and nothing more. You then furnish your personal details except of course the financial details. There have been several genuine cases of people getting recruited, but perhaps with some bad policies and improper management of their site they may have landed on the wrong side of things.

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