Can You Donate blood If You Smoke Weed Addictively?

Can you donate blood if you smoke weed

This is a very common question for smoker can you donate blood if you smoke weed? If you are addicted to smoking weed or marijuana then you may have apprehension about donating your blood.

However, according to Red Cross you may do so without any problem if you are not on a high during the time you are donating. Some experts believe that a gap of four hours is more suitable for a person who have smoked weed. Again, if the staff at a blood donation center is not convinced that you have not smoked weed then they may bar you from donating your blood. The same is the case with alcohol too although certain drugs may need testing. For instance, there may be restriction to certain intravenous drug usage at any point in your lifetime. The following FAQs would make the matter clear.

Why you should donate blood?

You must donate your blood regularly as there are people who do not sufficiently produce them naturally or have need of them due to their medical condition. For many patients their life hangs in balance for want of sufficient blood. And the most important point is that the blood that you gift is reproduced in the body and the cycle goes on and there are no synthetic or biological substitutes for it.

Who can donate blood?

Any person having good health and having no medical conditions prescribed under the rules of blood donation requirements may donate their blood at will. There are certain rules that bar people from donating their blood unless they are cleared and found all right by a medical practitioner.

Can I donate blood?

You may donate blood if you have been cleared of the basic requirements of the health conditions of a person. You may not donate blood as often as you wish for your there must be at least 3 months gap between one donation and the next.

Blood donation requirements

Any person having attained maturity and this means the age of 17 years may donate their blood. Again, he or she must have been cleared of any diseases or infections that may be transmitted to the recipient person. You may also ask your physician this question ‘can you give blood if you smoke weed?’.

Why donate blood?

You must donate blood as it is one of your prime social responsibility and also a humanitarian gesture. You must know that human blood does not have any substitute for it and must be replenished by another human blood of the same group. Blood donated are stored so that they can be used for future by critically ill patients or when they are needed.

Again, the blood donated does not last for long and is always in short supply. The short shelf life makes it even more urgent. For instance, red cells last up to 35 days, plasma for one year and platelets up to 7 days only. This is because the demand varies from patient to patient and there must be constant supply of these.

Who cannot donate blood?

The following people may or may not donate their blood.

  • A person may donate his blood if he or she has crossed the age of 17 years. There is no upper limit of age.
  • A donor who has any acute infection may not donate blood as there are chances of it being transmitted to the recipient.
  • A person who has been detected to be positive with AIDS or hepatitis virus may not donate his or her blood.
  • Physically small people are not usually allowed to donate blood due to lower volumes of the same in their body.
  • Woman who are pregnant are not allowed to donate as it may affect the health of the mother as well as the child
  • Cancer patients are allowed to donate blood after 5 years of diagnosis or last surgery done or last chemotherapy
  • Patients with blood cancer and certain other cancers are not allowed to donate blood
  • Patients who are on antibiotic drugs are also not allowed to donate

Can a diabetic donate blood?

You may donate blood even if you are a diabetic so long as other medical requirements are met. However, you may have to be careful if you feel giddiness while donating blood as this could interrupt your blood glucose level. This will in no way affect the recipient.

How to donate blood?

You may donate blood at any one of the donor centers or Red Cross centers as you may wish. You must however be prepared for reasons of your own good health. You may drink plenty of water which may be at least 16 ounce or fruit juice as you may wish. However, you must abstain yourself from any alcohol intake or weeds. You should then eat a healthy meal before you donate your blood and make sure that you had a good night sleep.

If you are going to donate platelet then you must make sure that your body system contains no aspirin. Also you must take at least two ID cards including donor card.

Where can I donate blood?

You may donate your blood at any one of the authorized centers or Red Cross Blood banks. You may also look out for other authentic centers near to your home. You may make an appointment and then ask ‘can you give blood if you smoke weed’ in case you have done so. Most probably the answer will be a ‘NO’.

You may donate your blood for money and there are different rates for blood of your group, plasma and platelets. By receiving money donors feel encouraged to donate more while the center gets the assurance of good supply to meet demand.

Get paid to donate blood

You will be able to get payment for the blood you donate as this is the easiest way to make money when you require it. Most blood clinics have staff especially for this very purpose and there are actually no hassles so long you have been declared as medically fit.

Donating blood for money

Although there are skeptics everywhere there is nothing wrong with donating blood for money if you so wish. However, the procedure adopted at the clinic should be clean and hygienic.

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