Grand Canyon Holiday: What is the Best Time to Visit Grand Canyon?

Best Time to Visit Grand Canyon

Now that you have decided on a Grand Canyon holiday, do you want to know what’s the best time to visit Grand Canyon? Visiting the Grand Canyon is a trip one must take during their lifetime. It is one of the natural wonders and a place where you can experience spiritual tranquility and embrace nature at its best. It is a rare and unique combination of spellbinding beauty, a place that has historical and cultural significance, can challenge your physical prowess (in case you would like to) and most importantly, offers an unparalleled experience that will leave will stunned and rejuvenated!

When planning a Grand Canyon trip, you could opt for Grand Canyon vacations, though planning your trip to ensure you visit all the hotspots and drink in the beauty of the picturesque desert is important. Depending on your preference and availability, you can plan your trip during one of the visiting seasons.

March – May, September & November are considered is the best time to visit Grand Canyon. During this time crowd is lesser and the temperature begins to come down, so it is fairly cooler. During summer, which is the peak season for visiting Grand Canyon, it is crowded and getting accommodation can be quite difficult. Between March & May, some areas might not be open for visiting and the distinctively different altitudes can make it difficult to cope up. The temperature is 50 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so gear up accordingly. During September and Novembers, most facilities and areas are open for tourists, including parks.

If you plan your Grand Canyon visit during the tourism season, it would be summer months between June and August. The temperature is 40 – 85 degrees and quite breezy. Since it is scorching during this period, going adequately equipped to prevent sunburns is very important. Rainstorms can occur, but they don’t persist for longer periods. Most facilities or areas are open, since this period attracts most tourists.

Grand Canyon is depicted by numerous authors and writers where they have tried to explain what the landscape entail, though not many really manage to capture the beauty and serenity that’s Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon runs from Arizona border to Grand Wash Cliffs close to Las Vegas, covering 277 miles, making it one of the largest Canyons. While the size is definitely large, Grand Canyon is more know for the landscape and its beauty. Do you know the rocks in Grand Canyon are preserved really well?

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Condor is quite popular here, so you should be able to spot one during your Grand Canyon trip. Other animals you can see include Elk, Mule Deer and Desert Big Horn Sheep. The Park features a few predators like Mountain Lions, though it also includes small animals like Ringtail. However resist your temptation to play with squirrels, as squirrel bites is quite common an injury here. Birds you can spot here include Stellar’s Jays, Canyon Wrens, Hummingbirds, Swallows and Ravens.

The temperature within the Grand Canyon Park and other areas could vary considerably, a reason it is called the land of extremes. It could be snowing at Rim and sunny at the river. It is important to understand this and plan accordingly to avoid accidents and fatalities that are common with hikers. There’s a fee for private vehicles that enter Grand Canyon, which is about $25 and $15 per individual as entrance fees, usually. There’s a free shuttle service to get around the park, though horses and mules can also used as rides. Once you head to Grand Canyon the possibilities are endless.

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