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Best time to visit Bali

Bali – an astonishing island with the most beautiful beaches in the world is surely a must-see destination of a lifetime, so if you are wondering when it’s the best time to visit Bali then it all depends to your personal preferences. Of course, there are many factors which could influence your final decision to visit Bali, but depending on the excitement you’d wish to experience, the best time to visit Bali would vary. There are certain factors which must be taken in consideration before deciding about the best time to visit Bali and the following text will surely make up your mind when it comes to your next traveling destination – Bali.

            When it comes to the off peak and peak seasons, such factor can also affect your decision of taking the Bali trip. It’s completely natural that some of the Bali’s popular seasons are not only the busiest, but also the most expensive. Bali climate is ideal, there’s no doubt about it, but some U.S.A. citizens, for example, prefer visiting Bali in July and August when it’s the Bali tourist season. Others, however, prefer to visit best Bali beaches in the Christmas/New Year period. Off peak seasons in Bali are not less desirable, but are a lot cheaper, as such attempt attracts more visitors with many affordable deals in the period between March and October.

            If your prefer surfing, then this amazing place can offer you the best beach in Bali for such exhibition. Surfing is surely fantastic throughout the whole year, but certain hot spots prove to be better under various weather conditions, or can become dangerously busy in the Bali tourist season periods. The west coast of Bali is the best for surfing in the period between April and October, while the east coast proves to be better in November to March season. A surprising fact is that the dry season is way more popular for the surfing, but is surely busy as well, with many of the best beaches being crowded.

            Vibrant festival and events are definitely worth attending when visiting Bali, so many U.S.A. citizens prefer to visit Bali when such happenings are held. New Year’s Eve is the most popular as it is heavily celebrated by the locals and comes alive with music, dancing, food and vivid fireworks. Another event that lures visitors to Bali is the Negara Bull Races. In such event, highly decorated chariots and bulls compete against each other. This event is usually held between July and October.

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            The weather in Bali is absolutely perfect, as Bali is a tropical destination and has fairly pleasant year. But, there is a difference when it comes to wet and dry seasons. The wet season is between November and April and is more humid and a little bit hotter, with heavy and brief rainfalls. On the other hand, dry season falls between May and October and it represents the best season to visit Bali, as the ocean is inviting and the sun is out always. The dry season is busier as it is perfect for swimming, sunbaking and outdoor activities.

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