More and more people choose to include a fireplace in their home design. Once expensive, the modern bio ethanol fireplace has become widely affordable. Almost every home can enjoy the warmth and the welcoming effect of an open flame, without having to install expensive ventilation systems and without the need for cumbersome maintenance.

These are the main benefits of using a bio ethanol fireplace:

Attractive Design

You can have either a wall or a table top fireplace running on bio ethanol. This technology has allowed manufacturers to create exquisite and contemporary designs that look great in all types of interiors. You’ll love your fireplace even when you’re not going to turn it on. It is the perfect solution to create a focal point in any of your rooms.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

By choosing a bio ethanol fireplace, you contribute to the protection of the environment. This is an excellent alternative to regular fireplaces which have a much bigger carbon footprint, while also contributing to deforestation. Modern fireplaces use fuel which is made from natural sugars and starch. There’s no need to cut any tree in order to have your own fireplace turned on.

Maintenance Free

Unlike wood burning fireplaces, bio ethanol ones don’t need any maintenance, ash cleaning or poking the fire. The only thing you have to do is to keep the fire open and to make sure it has enough fuel to burn.

No Ventilation Required

Not having to install any ventilation system is one of the biggest advantages of bio ethanol fireplaces. As long as they have enough oxygen to feed the flame, these fireplaces can be placed anywhere n the house. As there’s no smoke and no smell, no ventilation is required. If you want, you can have such a fireplace in every room, even if you live in an apartment or if your room has no windows. This makes it an excellent solution for restaurants, boutiques, chalets and for any kind of business for that matter.


Wood burning isn’t good for you, as it generates toxic compounds that can make you sick. If you don’t care about choosing environmentally friendly solutions, you may at least think about the health of your beloved ones or about the health of your pets. When they inhale the smoke resulting from wood fire, invisible airborne particles will get inside their lungs, causing various medical conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, COPD and heart disease among many others. The bio ethanol fireplace is absolutely safe, so you can rest assured it’s never going to cause you or your family members any health problem. This is something to take into consideration when choosing the type of fireplace for your home.

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