Adam Saleh is a worldwide famous you tuber who is very popular for his prank videos on his YouTube channel. Also, he is again in news and this time it is not because of his controversial videos but because of other reason.

On Wednesday December 21, 2016, Adam Saleh and his friend Slim Albaher was in Delta flight and accused the Airlines that they kicked off him Adam Saleh out of the flight when he speaks Arabic language.

The story is like that, he was speaking to his mother on phone in his mother language Arabic. But some of his fellow passengers were uncomfortable with the usage of this language in flight and they said to him that he should speak English only.

Adam Saleh becomes annoyed when he heard such things and in replay he said “he is free to speak any language he wants”.

After this statement, that lady’s husband gets panicked and started shouting on Adam. Because of all these chaos, the flight attended then asks him to get out of the flight and he was thrown out of it.

All these things made him angry and he said that “all these people are racist and he faced discrimination because of being Arabic”.

How speaking different languages make anyone uncomfortable. He also said that he faces such kind of insult because he is Muslim and these people are still considered us as a terrorist.

The number of followers on his YouTube channel is more than 1.6 million and they are now supporting him and asking him for justice. Also, Adam also accused by many people as they said that the video is fake just as his previous videos. Well, the truth will be disclosed in the upcoming days as who is wrong and who is right. Till then stay tuned with us for more information.

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