About us

SecretSubject, the brain child of international team of experts in media, advertising and public relations was formed in 2015. The goal of the organization is to publish the best secret lustrous publication. The publication targets the world audience.

SecretSubject had pioneered in the development of best content on various subjects including business, travel, fashion, technology, home improvement, animals, review,  education and lifestyle. The objective is to influence community in various ways by producing high quality content. It is concerned about building strong business relations as well. It is committed to bring lasting changes by coming in contact with the audience in everyday life.In addition to the delivery of corporate social responsibility, SecretSubject produces fun-filled and entertaining content.

SecretSubject delivers creative content and it follows neutral approach in journalism. The organization is committed to promote openness and respects relevancy of thinking in various angles. While reporting, the story will be covered by presenting information in all angles so that there will be scope for discussion. The website SecretSubject.Com is dedicated to men and women who would like to study the subject, secret in its entirety.

Incomparable editorial team

Gifted editorial team is behind the scenes of SecretSubject.

Rehan Hasan, Editor-In-Chief leads the editorial team. He has 7 years of experience in Bangladesh. The publication, Lifestyle features various topics including business, fashion, beauty, health & fitness, travel, science, food, education and other relevant topics.

While engaging the audience, SecretSubject delivers content that educates and entertains them in the best possible way.

Special columns

There are special columns in Lifestyle which feature who’s who on quarterly basis. Big names in various industries including healthcare, business, technology and design will deliver the goods in a very efficient manner. Readers will have the advantage to have insider’s look.

Balances business and community building

SecretSubject showcases the best content on fashion, beauty and entertainment while balancing the business and community editorial as well. The content will be filled with facts and historical data.


Rehan Hasan

Rehan Hasan had reached editorial peak in 2008. He was the award winning author and editor. Before entering into the world of writing, he had brief stint with a German-based software and technology services company in sales pursuit. Hailing from UK, Rehan had experience in manufacturing industry as well.

Rehan is a graduate in Uttara University. He possesses a degree in Civil Engineering Studies.

Even though Rehan resides in Dhaka, he manages close ties with friends and family members located in England, Scotland and Germany.

Online Editor

Habiba Jahan

With more than 5 years of proven experience in journalism and public relations, Habiba Jahan has certification on software coding as well.

She has degree in civil engineering from Uttara University, Dhaka.

Travel Editor

Consuelo W. Pitts

Consuelo W. Pitts started her career in magazine writing in 2005. She has great passion in subjects like travel, journalism and public relations. She is engaged with the day job, PR by the Book.

She is A Cum laude graduate of Texas A & M University. She lives in Austin with her husband. She has three kids. Her husband Doug is the co-publisher of TLM. She has great live travel experiences in Mexico, Germany and Canada.


Geraldine D. Ryan

Geraldine D. Ryan is in the publishing business since 2010. She is publisher of various popular magazines including Austin Lifestyle Magazine, Austin Food Magazine and Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

She takes care of her two teenage sons and takes part with local non-profit organizations in her free time.


Winston K. Castleberry

Winston K. Castleberry has great experience in small business. He is new to publishing. He is growing with small businesses for the past 9 years.

He has a degree in Marketing from Texas A & M University. He has a wife, Eula B. Soto and has three children. Doug spends his free time by pursuing his favorite hobbies such as mountain biking and golf.