This article will give an in-depth analysis on some of the Google tools like Google Scholar, Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Alerts, Google Hangouts, Google Drive and Google Books in the educational system.

  1. Google Scholar

Google ScholarGoogle Scholar, also called Google library, is a place where you can get scholarly papers and other reading material. Google Scholar allows to organize your content by label and topic. Google Scholar has been recently recognized as the best academic search engine where you can find articles and search for wide varieties of scholarly papers.

Google Scholar Search engine covers materials like these, dissertations, journal articles, conference papers, abstracts, legal and technical reports, etc. It’s especially useful if you are writing such complicated academic papers as Theory of knowledge essays. One can find a TOK essay example with the help of Google Scholar and use it as an excellent source to get some extra ideas.

The most wonderful feature of Google Scholar is the ability for you to edit the references/bibliographical information of your articles. For example, you can choose whether the article is a chapter, a book, thesis, journal paper, conference paper, etc. The details of the article are also right before you like the authors, titles, pages, publication date, publisher, volume and lot more. I can’t overemphasize the usefulness of Google Scholar in carrying out academic research.

  1. Google Classroom

It’s a platform where you can easily organize all the students in one place and assign them work to submit online. The usefulness of this platform cannot be overemphasized as it allows you to take documents, links and videos and send it to your students in one place.

Google Classroom helps to facilitate the process of work assignment like description, attach several documents and put the entire lesson in one place. This platform is also a good way of making announcements and get prompt replies from students. With this platform you can easily review assignments, ascertain who has submitted an assignment, provide a quick grading system as teachers are now able to collect assignments paperless. Google Classroom

The features of this platform are so enormous that it cannot be overemphasized. These tools simply help to carry out educational activities effectively and efficiently.

  1. Gmail

Gmail iconThis app is another useful innovation for business and educational purposes, which includes Gmail and Google Drive allowing students to share, collaborate, access files anytime, anywhere over the internet. This app is about providing students with a conducive learning environment which puts the need of the students first. As students have access to this tool their can easily download and share files regardless of where they are which has proved useful in the educational sector. Some of the features of the app which make it a huge advantage is the Drive, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawing application which has been approved for educational use.

  1. Google Alerts

To put it succinctly, this app allows you to set up an alert around the topic you are interested in and get email notifications regarding your interested topics.

  1. Google Hangouts

It is a video-conferencing app used by students and teachers for educational purposes. This app is very useful in the educational system as it enables more than 10 participants to join the group at any given time. This app can be used to organize video lectures and give instruction to students concerning a particular work or assignment.

  1. Google Drive

Google DriveIt is an online platform where you can save documents and files online. This platform allows you to share, upload, edit, and save important files online. This app is extremely useful in the educational system and it facilitates learning process and makes sharing of files easy. With this app you can also edict and revise works easily.

7. Google Books

google booksThe wonderful features of this app in the educational sector cannot be overemphasized as it allows students and tutors to search for text and books inside Google Books. Some of the features of this app are My Library which allows you to save and bookmark your favorite books. Students and tutors can also search for a phrase and keyword within the Google Books, share and clip a part of it. Google Books provides books in different formats: EPUB, PDF, and also in plain text. With Google Books you can also get relevant information and references on every book. In essence, this app is truly unique and good at performing academic activities as it facilitates effective and efficient learning environment in the educational sector.

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