Ways to Grow a Thicker Beard

Beards have in recent years become a fashion statement for many men in the world. Many men grow out their beards and proudly display them as a symbol of manhood. While it’s true that not everyone is naturally blessed with lush and thick facial hair growth, there are ways to have your beard grow out thicker and full. Try out these six tips and watch that beard growth go exponentially.

  1. Don’t shape or trim for 1 month

A long recommended period of time to let your beard grow out is 1 month, or 4 weeks. It is during this time that the beard will establish itself and fill up any areas that you might feel would be patches. There might be an urge to shape the beard at this point, but it is not recommended to do so, since this might disrupt growth in any given area.

  1. Use a good beard oil.

If you are worried about how your beard looks like while you are growing it out, using a good beard oil will help keep its unruliness at bay and add a nice sheen and shape to it. Most beard oils being sold in the market are made with natural plant oils such as Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or argan oil. Beard oil moisturises and softens both the beard and the skin, and is thus essential in beard care.

  1. Take hair supplements

Taking the inside out approach to ensuring that your beard grows out healthy and looking good might be beneficial as well. There is a variety of different hair supplements one could choose from, but selecting one with the right ingredients in important. Choose a supplement that includes natural components such as Biotin (a natural hair keratin enhancer), selenium or potassium, Zinc (very crucial for healthy hair and nails) and Vitamin E.

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  1. Keep yourself in good shape and health

While not considered immediately, the hormonal composition inside our bodies have a very big effect on our hair growth. Testosterone is the most important hormone needed to have thick facial hair, and the amount of it available in your body is largely dependent not only on our diet, but also the amount of fat in our bodies. Generally if you have a lower fat count, your testosterone level would be in the healthier ranges. Thus getting regular exercise is recommended.

  1. Eat hair strengthening foods

Aside from hair supplements, there are many natural foods that can help supplement your beard care and growth endeavours. Foods high in protein and minerals are generally recommended and include white meat like chicken and fish or vegetarian options like beans and legumes. Cut out excess sugar and sodium for better measure.

  1. Use a hair growth stimulant

If you need an extra boost to your facial hair growth, use a medically backed hair growth stimulant to aid in getting substantial beard growth. While you can pick up an over-the-counter hair growth tonic, seeking advice from your doctor and getting a prescribe hair growth stimulant might have a better effect and results.

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