Brazilian company found guilty regarding bribery and corruption due to which $3.5 million penalty is imposed on them. On Wednesday December, 2016 this historic penalty was announced by the court on Brazilian firm.

According to the court, U.S corruption laws are violated by this company and because of this a huge penalty amount is imposed in order to give a massage to those people who support corruption.

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Besides this, this chaos not only include various business professionals but also many political celebrities are involved in it and now they are also have to pay the penalty plus they are also sentenced to jail if they found guilty. Besides this, the penalty amount is like a settlement with the Swiss authorities and between U.S and Brazilian firm.

In an investigation it is found that more than millions of dollars had been spend in this bribery chaos so that lucrative business deals can be secured by using the banking system of America.

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This seems to be the biggest corruption scandal of all time and thus known as the “operation car wash”. Many people involved in this corruption are arrested by the police in Brazil.

Also, this scandal is now bothering many politician of Brazil as their involved is also proved in court and they all have very serious charges on them.

Also, the total amount of penalty is not disclosed yes but in 2008, an engineering company of Germany paid around $1.6millon to the European and U.S authorities regarding corruption.

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Both Odebrecht and Braskem found guilty and for such conspiring they are now banned by many of the famous business firms plus they are not able to conduct business in future.

Besides this, department of bribery are now going to speak with both of them and find out the other people who are involved in it.

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